Och, No

Frightened bagpiper crop

Love the expression! A photo from the Commonwealth Games Closing © ABC news

Scotland’s big day and I sure hope they vote No. I don’t want to see the union broken up. They can have more autonomy without breaking away completely. This will have scared London enough to take notice and let Scotland have more self rule. Vote No.


I got my three monthly blood test results today and they were bloody good, if you’ll pardon the pun. Nearly all right in the middle of the range. HbA1c 6.7. That’s excellent.

But she was concerned about one test. Apparently my cholesterol is too low! Overall 2.9, LDL 1.7. This is too low. Not many guys have that problem.

It’s a problem because we need cholesterol for bodily functions and too little is not good. So I’m halving my dose of the statin. No problem. I’ll be interested to see the results.


Listening to the radio today I heard Ron Radford, the director of the National Gallery, talking in his high art voice about how exciting it all is for their latest exhibition. He said, “Is there anyone in Australia who hasn’t been to the National gallery? They must be in a minority, surely.”

No Ron!! First, where the hell is the National Gallery? I gather it’s in Canberra. Very convenient for Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne and even Adelaide, but it may as well not exist as far as Perth is concerned. We don’t get a share of this hugely expensive edifice. I’m not excited. I can’t drop in and see your latest exhibition, Ron. Bugger off and go and have one of your highbrow parties in Sydney or Melbourne.


More than 6 months ago I bought a magazine about model trains and it included a OO scale passenger carriage and piece of track on the cover for $8. Bargain, so I bought two more. But it made me realise that OO is going to be too big if I build my system.

Today I found another issue of this mag and this time it included a locomotive model, for $5.95! Wow, I thought. At least this will let me play around with powering and so on.

But when I got it home I found it’s not a powered model at all, just a plastic replica fixed on some plastic track. No motor, no metal wheels. Hah! Oh well, $5.95 for a pig in a poke won’t break the bank. How’s that for a double cliche?


Very unusual night last night. I slept unbroken, right through, midnight to 7:10am. I can’t remember the last time that happened. I’ve discovered that the radio programs on Radio National between 2am and 5am are not bad at all. Worth staying awake for.


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