PSP_003077_1530Aaaaaarrrrrrgh! I’m in pain. Constant, unrelenting, groaning pain. My left shoulder and forearm. I think I’ve got a pinched nerve. For the past couple of years I’ve been getting brieft dislocations with sharp pain at times, and I have to flex my shoulder to make it go away.

But this time it came on and stayed on last Friday, ironically just after I’d been to the doctor for something else. The odd thing is, it’s not positional. I don’t have any restriction of movement and I can’t find any position that makes it stop or lessen.

I’m taking Tramadol and Panadol Osteo and it makes virtually no difference. Lying on the bed helps. I’ll have to ask for an urgent appointment tomorrow morning. X-rays, MRI? More medical stuff. It never seems to stop.


The British election! What a terrible result. The Tories are repressive, regressive, hard right wingers who are making life harder for the poor and making it easy for the rich to get richer. Inequality is increasing dramatically in Britain. It looks to me as if Labour lost the election, the Tories didn’t win on merit. People felt Labour was no good, and I’d have to agree, going on what that idiot Miliband was saying and doing.

In my opinion, only civil unrest and violence will be the result. (As shown by the riots in London yesterday. I have to say I agree with the protesters.) There were three episodes on this subject on SBS in the past three weeks and I agree, the rich are not just getting richer, they are raking it in, at the expense of people like us. The top 1% of the population own 85% of the wealth! That’s obscene. This shift of wealth to the rich is of massive proportions, unprecedented in history. Something has to happen.

The really depressing thing is that fully one third of Britons didn’t bother to vote! Only 66.1% voted. That means that if the ones who didn’t vote had done, the result could have been quite different. It’s not a true reflection of the vote.

And first past the post – if there are five candidates in a seat and one gets 21% of the vote, even though 79% voted against him, he still wins the seat. How is that fair?

Britain is a stupid country.


In the West Australian yesterday Michelle Grattan wrote that Tony “Climate Change is Crap” Abbott’s choice as head of the federal government’s Climate Change Commission, Maurice Newman, himself a virulent climate change denier, has accused the UN Commission on Climate Change of telling lies and trying to mount a world takeover!

Let me state that again:

  • Our prime minister is a climate change denier
  • He appoints a known climate change denier to head a government commission on climate change
  • This guy brings out a report earlier this year heavily biased in favour of coal and against renewable energy industries
  • This guy now accuses the UN of telling lies
  • He believes the UN is out to take over the world in the guise of mandating CO2 reduction targets
  • He says 95% of the scientific predictions are wrong, have been proven wrong.
  • This guy Maurice Newman is a former head of the Business Council of Australia and is well known for his pro business views, anti green and anti labour.

Are we in the looney bin? Is black really white? Does the sun really rise in the west?

This guy has no scientific qualifications, yet he says 95% of the world’s scientific theories and predictions on climate change are wrong!

I despair. I hope you have a boat because Dr James Hansen, the highly respected NASA scientist, says that the 2 degree global temperature rise to be aimed fore at the Paris conference later this year is far too high and it should be no more than 1 degree rise. He also says we can expect sea level rise of between 4 and 7 metres by 2040. The melting of the polar ice caps is accelerating and unstoppable. When this guy speaks, he is to be believed – he’s done the research, he’s done the hard yards, he knows what he’s talking about.

That means the Swan river in Perth will be lapping up to St George’s terrace in about 30 years. The massive Elizabeth Quay development will be largely under water from the river.

We are being governed by idiots. Conservative government idiots, both in WA, in Canberra and in Britain. Unfortunately, people are going to die due to their idiocy.


I continue work on Photo Books and I’m half way through a book of photos of — me! I’m a very good subject, I can tell you. I have many, many, many photos, each with a story. Very enjoyable. Pity no-one else will see it.

This morning I took advantage of another Photo Book offer of a 8.5″ x 11″ (portrait format) hardcover of 40 pages for $10. At that price, I bought four vouchers. Valid until 22 August. I’m not sure what I’ll fill them with at the moment, but I’ll fill ’em.


One comment on “Pain!!!!!

  1. Pete says:

    Australian parliamentarians contribute to a Parliamentary Pension Scheme while they are members. They contribute quite a high proportion of their salary – 20% I think – but they are on a high salary and allowances add a lot.

    After two terms they can leave with a parliamentary pension for life, which is equivalent to about $4m-$5m invested according to an accountant on the radio the other day, giving them a pension of about $250,000 pa indexed, for life from the time they leave parliament, even if they’re only 35. And a Gold Card giving them free air travel anywhere in Australia, and one o/s air trip per year, with their spouse included. Everyone admits, it’s extraordinarily generous and there are constant calls to reform it, but guess what – no-one does anything about it.

    One West Australian Labour member of the state parliament did, to his credit, publicly refuse his pension, but of course it’s been forgotten, and no other MPs, from either party, would back him.

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