Our wonderful PM part 2


Originally I had a picture of our wonderful PM in his almost naked mode, wearing his mini swimmers, but it ws so offensive that I couldn’t bear to look at it. This is better.

The Honourable Lord Sir Anthony Rabbott VD CV AC DC MGB MGTC VC and 43 bars (of Moonee Ponds) is currently totally out of step on at least three fronts.

1. He and his henchmen, his partners in crime, are spending at least $80m of our money on a royal commission into “union corruption”. This is nothing more than an attempt to generate terrible headlines for unions and the ALP.

Union corruption? There is not a week goes by without news of corruption, fraud, financial mismanagement, embezzlement, insider trading, theft – name anything you like – in Australian management and business. Business is notorious for corruption, heavy handed tactics, exploitation of workers, price fixing and collusion, once again, anything you can think of.

No need to take my word for it. Look at what’s been happening in Coles and Woolworths with their pressure on suppliers designed to force the weaker ones to knuckle under or go out of business. Look at the news with regard to the large company John Holland in Perth. Allegedly, they have simply stopped paying their subcontractors. It’s so bad that one of them committed suicide last week! This is one of the companies we are supposed to trust, to have the interests of the workers at heart. Oh yeah?

In today’s news, the CEO and the CFO of a large pharmaceutical company knowingly cooked the books to disguise the financial trouble their firm is in. The ACCC has prosecuted. Good on ’em.

So – union corruption Tony? How about a royal commission into big business, eh? Oh, we had one of those, the Costigan royal commission in the 1980s, and it backfired spectacularly. So let’s do it again, eh? HYPOCRITE.

2. Our esteemed “Climate change is crap” PM is way out of step with his own committees. The Climate Change Authority has just released a report saying that Australia has to set a goal to reduce our emissions by around 30% by 2025 http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2015/jul/02/australia-must-cut-carbon-emissions-by-30-by-2025-says-climate-change-authority. The commission is headed by Bernie Fraser, former head of treasury and a hugely respected bloke.

In the same week the Australian Defence Force says climate change is second only to terrorism as a threat to Australia.

But our Tones doesn’t like low emission industries or alternative energy schemes, he likes COAL. Nice, dirty, smoky, environment destroying, open cut coal mines. CO2 belching coal fired power stations, yeah. Manly things like that, that’s what Tones understands. He doesn’t get this science stuff. Too hard. Idiot.

3. He’s way out of step with the public on same sex marriage and even opposed to his own sister on it. But he’s dug his heels in and he ain’t budging, even though he likes  to wear those gay-boy budgie smugglers to show off his manly equipment. What a tool.

I could go on. There’s no end to this idiot’s lunacy. If you vote Liberal-National, you must be a fool.


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