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Wot a laugh!

Aaah, the Liberal Party, the gift that keeps on giving. Month after month, new scandal after new scandal. I love it.

  • 2014 soon after elections – Minister for Finance Arthur Sinodinis forced to go to the back benches when found implicated in NSW ICAC hearings into water and coal leases in NSW. It was supposed to be a temporary suspension, but after nearly two years, he’s still out.
  • 2014 Budget – tax the poor, leave the rich alone. Couldn’t have been a clearer illustration of the Liberal mindset. Budget measures still not approved.
  • 2014 The Lord Rabbott VC and 14 bars, does a “Captain’s pick” and introduces Australian Knighthoods! Three poor stupid misguided fools accept his offer. Widespread derision all round, including from his own party.
  • 2015 The Lord Rabbott KCMGBG VD VCR reveals that he doesn’t know how many points there are on the star on the Australian flag. He says there are six. There are seven.
  • 2015 Viscount Rabbott Bart. KVHS B.Bullshit B. Boxing Oxon again does a “Captain’s pick” and makes the Jook Embrugh an Ocker Knight! Even more derision. The whole of Australia cringes with embarrassment, while falling about laughing.
  • 2015 Tony’s Girlfriend, Bronny “Chopper” Bishop is found to have massively rorted the travel allowances scheeme to the tune of half a million dollars, taking gold plated limousine rides from her palace down to the fish and chip shop because “you can travel in the bus lanes” in a limo. Forced to resign the speakership, thereby bringing the parliament into disrepute.
  • 2015 Tony’s Pick as the “union corruption” Royal Commissioner revealed to have made a plan to speak at a Liberal Party fund raiser. But this eminent man, this learned judge, it seems didn’t know it was a Liberal Party event, even though he made the booking months ago and the Liberal Party logo was plastered all over the ticket. Biased. Biased. Biased.

Gee, and 2015 isn’t finished yet. This is fun. This has to be a one-term government. What a bunch of biased, elitist, rich list, incompetent fools.


Spring is here, two weeks early. A beautiful, warm 24C cloudless sunshiny day, with almost no wind. Forecast is for 25C tomorrow. WA, world’s best climate.


Saw the doc today for the results of the kidney function re-test. Back to normal. Phew! We don’t know why it tested bad two weeks ago, but as I suspected, it was anomalous.  Fact is for someone of 68, type 2 diabetic and, erm, a bit overweight, I’m in remarkably good health. CLL? Sounds like a Mercedes model type to me.


I nearly tipped toward buying the Merc CLK55 AMG in Adelaide yesterday, but I have to decide soon and I don’t feel I’m ready. For all my feelings of good health, it’s still a big ask to fly to Adelaide with all my luggage, buy a car sight unseen and set off driving via Melbourne, with the intention of staying on the road for at least four weeks. Daunting. The Perth car seems a safer bet – it’s $7,600 more expensive but it’s only done 43,000Km vs 98.000Km for the Adelaide car, and it’s two years younger. And I have more confidence in the dealer. And I’ll be able to trade my present car.

Interestingly, I found my printout of the car when it was at Young’s Holdens up the road, before it moved to John Hughes a couple of weeks ago. Price at Young’s – $43,000. Price at John Hughes – $38,000. Hmmm.


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