See the connection?

images“… a new report, released yesterday by the Foundation for Australian Youth, which said that over the last 15 years the income growth of the top 1 per cent has been a whopping 42 per cent higher than that of the bottom 90 per cent of workers.” [- See more at:]

The upper crust, the CEOs and finance guys and managers get pay rises of 42%. The workers get bugger all.
Union membership has consistently fallen for 20 years. See the connection? Managers and CEOs hate unions. See the connection?
If you won’t support the union, you’re a coward and a parasite. You get what you deserve. Unfortunately, your workmates who do support the union don’t deserve to get your shit.
Later, in one of the comments:  “Only some people deserve the benefits of human knowledge. The rest are lucky to be alive.”  I agree.

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