I wish …

3500Here we are again. Why do they publish a photo with tilted water?

3500 rotatedThat’s better. It’s only 0.6deg but it only takes a minute to fix. How does it get released? It bugs me.


Uuuuuuh. Something’s wrong. I am not well. I’m just exhausted, nearly all the time. I went to Clarkson shops today and had to use a trolley as a walker, sit down for 5-10 mins on the couches in the mall, and although I wanted to do more, I was wondering if I had the strength to reach my car. I got there, but groaning and had to sit for a few minutes before I could start the car.

I suspect this might be a drug side effect. I started a new diabetes drug, Jardiance, a couple of weeks ago and I think this started then. I skipped the dose yesterday and felt reasonably OK (which for me is still pretty slow), then took it again today and I’m zonked.

I see the GP on Monday with a long appointment so we’ll see what she says. I’ve asked Dr Google about side effects and fatigue is shown as “rare”. I don’t usually have troubles with side effects.

I also saw the cardiologist last Tuesday and he’s happy that my heart is fine. Flutters and palpitations are not dangerous, so if it doesn’t bother me (I get ’em, but it doesn’t bother me) then that’s OK.

But he has no answer for my wooziness and peripheral vision/tunnel vision/glare intolerance problem. “I don’t know what that is.” It’s good that he was honest and didn’t waffle.

I’ve been told I should do more travelling as that fires me up. True, but I’m just not capable of it at the moment. I can hardly go to the local shops. I’d like to fly to Melbourne, buy that Merc SL350 and do a long driving holiday, but I don’t feel I could cope with it. Not good.


There’s talk today of WA seceding, becoming a separate country to eastern Australia. It’s a simple idea and superficially attractive to people who don’t think it through, but it’s a stupid idea.

There are Commonwealth government functions that would have to be taken over which people don’t think about:

  • aviation and air traffic control
  • air navigation beacons and radar stations
  • weather services (vital!)
  • Australia Post and postal services
  • radio/TV/phone spectrum management and regulation
  • Medicare – how would WA provide Medicare services?
  • taxation collection
  • customs and immigration
  • defence – all our naval forces would relocate back to the east coast.
  • army – the SAS would have to pack up and leave Swanbourne

This is just a partial list. There would be a lot more. It’s just impractical for a state of 2.5m people to exist on its own in 1 million square kilometres, especially with a border stretching from nearly Darwin down the coast to Esperance and Eucla, tens of thousands of kilometres.

But that’s the MP David Leyonhelm for you. A Sydney man, a gun lover, a Christian, with radical ideas. Better stay in Sydney and shut up, I think.


“G’day. How are you?”  Well, I’ve already heard a hundred times that the announcer is “Fine thanks”, but the next caller will ask again, and the next, and again, and again. It is impossible for Australian people, whether slobs, ordinary people or politicians or businessmen to just say “Hullo Jamie” or whoever it is, or just “Hello, good morning …” What is wrong with people that they can’t control what they say?

Then we get into “Y’know.” This is a worldwide epidemic! Most people insert Y’know every 2 seconds while talking. Some people say it two or more times in succession. Some people say it so often that it becomes “y’ow”, just an abbreviation, a short, meaningless sound.

This applies even to BBC announcers on radio. I’m driven mad by Y’know. I hate it, but it’s a world wide infection, an epidemic. Think about what you’re saying, y’know.