Lose some, win some

CO3JFKSUkAEshR4He’s gone. He’s gone! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

From Twitter: Karma – Time in office: Gillard: 3 yrs, 3 days Rudd: 2 yrs, 286 days Abbott: 1 yr, 357 days

From Twitter: Wondering what hurts more. Being knifed like Gillard and Rudd, or spending less time in the top job than either of them?

Apparently Abbott falls three days short of reaching the time in office to get an ex-PM’s “lurks and perks.” Hoo-bloody-ray.

From a video list on the Guardian:

  • “Coal is good for humanity. Coal is an essential part of our economic future.”
  • If people live in remote areas it’s a lifestyle choice. (Closure of Aboriginal communities in the desert.)
  • “Good government starts today.” after the first challenge to his leadership. So what did we have before?
  • Introduced to Viet Nam’s top army general, he says “We Australians know well the power of the Vietnamese army.”
  • Calls the loss of jobs under Labor “a Holocaust of job losses.”
  • “No-one is the suppository of all wisdom.” He didn’t know what he’d said.
  • He was going to “shirtfront” Vladimir Putin. “You bet you are, you bet I am.” What?! He did nothing.
  • The wink about the sex worker on the radio program.
  • Trying to speak French to French school kids in France, telling them he’s the “Premiere of Australia.” He can’t speak French.
  • He eats an unpeeled raw onion on camera to show his support for Tasmanian growers. Why?

Add to these:

  • The “captain’s pick” to introduce knights and dames to Australia without any consultation.
  • After all the ridicule and criticism, a year later he makes Prince Philip an Australian knight, again with no consultation. More ridicule, especially as he announces it on Australia Day.
  • Makes comment about being on “Cape York time”, belittling the people who live on Cape York.
  • Laughs loudly about time not mattering with “water lapping at your door”. Pacific Island nations are highly offended.
  • Calling windmill power generators “ugly” and trying to stop their use.
  • Making a sustained and spurious attack on the office and integrity of the Human Rights Commissioner Professor Gillian Triggs.

And on and on. This is just a small sample! What a rotten PM, what a rotten party.

One good thing is that we’ll probably hear the last of the loathsome characters Eric Abetz, George Brandis, Peter Dutton, Cory Bernardi, George Christensen and others like them. And make no mistake, there are plenty just as bad as them in the Liberal Party.