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© PJ Croft 2015


I’ve always said, people marry either partners who looks like themselves, or a complete opposite. Look at the similarity here. Same facial shape, same mouth. Same bloody politics, too.


It’s 5am and another sleepless night. Damn, I just can’t get to sleep! It means I crash for a couple of hours during the day, which messes up the next night. Or I take a heavy slug of valerian, which works, but it feels like a hangover the next day.

Plus I’ve got itches all over me. Not rashes, just little nerve itches. I try to ignore them but a new one pops up every 5 seconds or so, sometimes quite strongly so that I just have to scratch. Uuuuuugh. Problem.


Forgot to mention – I visited a Men’s Shed last week for the first time. These are literally sheds or workshops for old blokes like me (huh!) who are a bit lonely and in need of a work group to make things, or just a good yarn over a cuppa. This one is actually in a modern complex, not a shed, and they’ve got a LOT of space.

I was surprised how much equipment they’ve got. They’ve got multiples of all the machines you could need: table saws, band saws, wood and metal lathes, planers, shapers, belt and spindle sanders, welding gear of all types. Everything you could ever need.

I was shown around by the lead guy, and had a coffee and chat with the five or six guys who were there, but … no-one asked me where I used to work or what my experience or expertise is. All they wanted to talk about was themselves. I was almost offended. I was quite put off, actually. I don’t think that one will suit me. It’s virtually all woodwork oriented, and it’s too far to go, about 25 mins from my place, i.e. about 20Km or so.

I’ve heard there’s one in Wanneroo which rebuilds computers from old parts. That’s more my line. Hmmm, it’s also 25Km as the crow flies, which means further by road, but the freeway gets me most of the way there. I’ll give it a try soon.

UPDATE:  It’s actually in Girrawheen, which (by road, not the straight line), is 30Km away. Bloody hell, that’s a long drive, about 35 mins I’d guess. My place is so far from everything. Anywhere I want to go is at least 15 mins away, and usually half an hour’s drive. I meet with a couple of mates for brekky each fortnight and that’s 30 mins if the traffic’s OK. I sometimes go to lunch on Friday with a few mates from Channel 7 days, but it’s in Victoria Park, 45 mins away. Problem.