Hot hot …

192784811Bloody hell, I’m fired up about this SL350 in Melbourne. It’s a 2007 model, not 2006 as I said, and has only done 72,000Km.

192784812The interesting thing is that it’s disclosed as a “Written off” vehicle. Usually that means it’s been in an accident, but in this case the reason is shown as “Storm/flood” in 2010. A little research shows that Melbourne had a whopper storm on 6 March 2010, with big hailstones. So it would appear that the car might have been hail damaged. If so, I can’t see any signs in the photos. Looks good to me.

The value seems to be right for that year and distance driven, with a few thousand discounted.

192784816What I especially like is the combination of the tan leather interior with the black ash polished wood grain. Usually you get aluminium metal in this model. I want the wood grain, and especially on the steering wheel. Love it!

My thoughts are – I’ll never get another chance to drive a really good car; if it proves too expensive to own and run, I can always sell it in two or three years’ time  😉 ; I’m only using up a fraction of my assets; I’m not likely to do much travelling in the future – too much fatigue, too little stamina. Last chance. Just do it.


I’ve been listening to the BBC radio coverage of the refugee crisis in Europe, and two German commentators talked about three things that struck me hard – I hadn’t thought of these before.

One is the argument that “We’re full, we can’t take any more people.” Well, the German people are lining up and cheering the refugees as they arrive, as they cross the borders into Germany, handing out water, food and shoes and toys for the kids. People in Munich are making beds for them in their private homes. What a magnificent attitude, and what an utter contrast to the attitude of this country. Australians who oppose refugee immigration, be ashamed! You are disgraceful.

The second point is that the population of Germany and other advanced countries is actually falling. This leads to a falling GDP as well, as there are fewer people with money to spend. Germany actually needs between 250,000 and 400,000 more people each year just to maintain their economic growth. (Look at Japan – they are in serious trouble with an ageing population, a falling workforce and deflation. Thy could do MUCH more to help, even if only with money.)

So that’s 250,000 immigrants for Germany alone. France, Italy, Spain, they are all the same – ageing, declining populations. They need more young families. They have plenty of capacity to take these refugees.

A third point was that Europe is rich. European people are rich compared to Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Europe can well afford to give up a very little amount of its wealth. It would be a very temporary gift anyway, as the new arrivals would soon boost incomes again.

So bloody hell, what a refreshing attitude by Germany. Full marks! Amazing. Congratulations.


Yes, contrast this with our Australian Department of Immigration and the Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade DFAT.

I commend an article in The Saturday Paper about the way Mike Pezzullo, the secretary of DFAT has effectively militarised the department since this Captain Abbott government came to power. About 25% of the department’s senior staff have resigned and left since Pezzullo took over, and staff have been told to refer to him as Mr Secretary or Mr Pezzullo; no first names allowed any more.

The Dept of Immigration is deaf to any allegations of rapes, torture and child abuse in our torture centres on Nauru and Manus Island and regards any negative stories as good publicity if it scares refugees away from trying to come. This is awful stuff.

This is frightening. It is serious. This Liberal government is deliberately stirring up fear in the electorate and militarising the government departments responsible for immigration and border affairs. Disgraceful!


Michael Keenan MHR, a WA Liberal member and Minister, stood alongside Kapitan Abbott VC DSO DFC KCMGB KVO DICK and told a reporter, in answer to a question, that reports of massive cuts to the health budget are wrong.

Well, Mr Keenan, or is that Herr Leutnant Keenan, deny this:

Herr Leutnant Keenan, you are a liar.