Bali – Mon 28 Dec 2015



Singapore. (C) PJ Croft 2014, 2015

Monday morning and I’m just trying to make myself go out from the hotel. I’m a bit sleepy, I didn’t sleep properly last night, again.

The reception desk has just asked me if a guy can come through my room to my balcony to look at an aircon unit. Hooray, I said yes, because one of the four on my balcony is making a loud racket that disturbed my sleep. I suspect someone else complained – I was thinking of complaining myself.

I did complain about my aircon (well, I asked for an additional fan, actually). They sent a guy to check the aircon, and within a few minutes I could hear the fan increase – i.e. it wasn’t working properly. He spent 10 mins on it, using special test gear. The vent swing still doesn’t work, but it feels cooler. I’ve got the temp set to 15ºC !

I also complained that the wi-fi is not secured. The info on the computer shows “Kuta Central Park – Open” It should say “Secured”. This is atrocious. My PC anti-virus program is constantly showing messages of the viruses and attempts to connect to my PC that it’s blocking. I’m having to go off-line all the time when I don’t need to connect. Plus the speed is MUCH slower than it was downstairs yesterday, about 1.3Mb/s, same as I get at home. Damn. I thought I was going to really enjoy a good connection.


What to do today? I’m writing a loooong email to a friend, although I’m not sure I’ll send all of it. Sometimes I can say too much.

I want to find a good computer store, and Dr Google tells me I should go to the RIMO Centre in Denpasar. OK.

I’ll try the pool again, first, hoping it won’t be as crowded as yesterday.

(Later: that’s better. I was the only one, apart from two couples on the chairs and a little girl in the water. The pool is cool, being mostly in shadow.)


 I’ve just been using that TENS pain device I mentioned (two weeks ago! A new battery fixed it). It’s called PainMate … they list a web site  I bought mine at my local chemist. It cost $54.99.

It’s a sticky pad with two electrodes that you place over painful muscles. You press the +/- buttons and a pulsing, vibrating electrical stimulation starts. There are 15 levels of stim. Each session is limited to 20 mins.

I dunno. It seems to work, but the effect doesn’t last, which makes sense if I keep doing the thing that’s causing the pain! (Mouse use by right arm.)


Wow, I just slipped on the wet tiled floor and nearly did the splits. I was bringing a chair in from the balcony with bare feet, and I didn’t realise my feet would be wet from the artificial lawn. My left leg shot out and I just managed to grab the door frame to stop myself going down. I got a sharp pain in my left thigh which I suspect will become painful in a few hours. Lucky I’ve got the TENS device.


Nothing heard  from my friend’s friend, but that’s not surprising, I suppose. I’d better get off my backside and phone her again. I’d really like to meet up – it’s always better to have someone to talk to. Besides, I’m intrigued — sassy, curt, argumentative … this sounds really interesting. It doesn’t put me off at all.


Boy, the restaurant was crowded for breakfast this morning. I guess the week between Xmas and New Year is holidays for them as much as for us, so all the kids are out in force. I came back from getting my scrambled eggs to find someone else had made a grab for my table. Luckily they weren’t there, so I just sat down and pushed their plates away. They came a few mins later and just said Sorry and took their plates. No problem.


 Quiet day. Hot sun! Very clear weather, in other words.