Bali – Thu 31 Dec 2015

Dancers B121

(C) PJ Croft 2015

Oh shit. Oh shit. I now have four small skin breaks, lesions, on my left leg. At least four; it’s hard to see around the back. I’ve got the same dressings that I’d be using at home, and I’ve got a course of cephalexin, the broad spectrum antibiotic that’s prescribed at home. I’ve started the course just now. The trick is to hit ’em hard with the antibiotic to make sure they don’t get infected by some bug. I had to take the compression stocking off last night because it was too tight, a bit painful, but I’ll have to use it again now.   Bugger!


I’m trying to show images but this hopeless internet connection won’t let me upload. It just bombs out every time. I’ll have to try again later. (Later: I’ve logged off, and on again and it seems better now. More pics coming.)


Kintamani, Sun 20 Dec 6.51pm (C) PJ Croft 2015

Kintamani 2015

Kintamani, Lake Batur Tues 22 Dec 2015 (C) PJ Croft 2015


11am: I’ve been to breakfast, (still too crowded even at 10am) and stopped by the reception desk. I said, “The music in the corridors – is it really necessary? It’s coming through my door all day and into the night. Can’t you turn it off, please?”

I got a concerned look, but not a cooperative one. A kind of, “What’s the problem?” look. She’d have to speak to her manager. I said the corridors are magnifying all the noise, noise from kids playing and running, and sounds like furniture being moved around all day and night from somewhere above me. I don’t mean continuously, I mean two or three times an hour on average.

She looked concerned about that and I said I’d try to localise it more. Another talk with her manager. But now that I’m back in the room, the bloody music’s still going. No kooperasi there, I don’t think.

2pm: thank goodness, I think they’ve turned it down. It’s not leaking into the room now. Bagus.




An Aussie who lives here, with his beautiful dog, and a motorbike to get around on. I wish.


Just hangin’ around. Too shy to show his face? A big bat. (C) PJ Croft 2015


Got any CURRYGENCY you want to change?


Selemat Xmas. Komplimens of the Season

7pm:  The hotel is laying on a free New Year’s Eve buffet, 7 – 9pm. That’s good of them. I’m feeling a bit nauseous from the antibiotic, plus the Byetta has that effect too, so … not a big appetite, but I’ll go down and sample the wares.

I thought I might be meeting that friend of a friend I mentioned, but she hasn’t called me back, and feeling a bit sick, tired and worried the way I do, I don’t feel like partying. Another time.


Nice, huh?