Ha ha ha ha ha. The Guardian is running an article about an Australian company that sells globes of the Earth, with country names, etc. This company has made an error, naming Palestine but leaving out Israel.

But the Guardian’s caption under the photo is: “sold by Australian stationary chain Typo”

How’s that for a tautology? A typo in a sentence about a typo by a company named Typo. Must be a record.

Unfortunately, they’re not allowing comments on that story, so I have to do it here.



Where is it? It’s an airport, but it’s not Perth Airport. Runways at 90º ? Give up? Jandakot, in Perth, Western Australia. Supposed to be Australia’s busiest airport.



And this one? Kwinana, Rockingham, Point Peron and Garden Island.

I’m going overboard with the pictures because I’ve figured out how to embed the sRGB colour profile in the pictures, resize, and export in one easy operation. True colour on screen at last.


OK, I’ve been agonising all night (yeah, another sleep free night) over whether to book the rest of my 30 day stay in Bali in the same S’Cape Condotel, and I just went ahead and did it. Same deal, no payment up front and cancel up to a week beforehand, so no harm done. I have to have a three day gap between my two bookings. That’s OK, I’ll either try the real cheap guest house near the beach at $22 a night, or go to some other hotel along the coast. Maybe I’ll go to the nudist resort again! (Later: ugh, the rate is now $61 a night with no air-con, or $100 a night with air-con and breakfast. Bit too expensive, I think.)

This time the rate for the Condotel was only $51 a night vs $54 yesterday. Exchange rate improvement, I assume.

Now to book a damned Jetstar cramped flight. I suppose it’s only 3 hours.

UPDATE: the cheapest and the best times turned out to be Air Asia, so that’s what I’ve booked. It cost $516 return all up, with 20Kg luggage, very nearly what Garuda cost with 30Kg, two checked bags, meal and drinks included. Poor value for money on Air Asia.

Now to book the hire car to get to the airport, at half the cost of a taxi, as I did on the last trip.



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Hmmm. Men’s wear, eh? With my boobs, they’d suit me very well. 😉


I’ve just done the beach stairs again, coming up slowly this time in the hope of avoiding the torn muscles of a week ago. There are 80 steps now vs 74 a couple of years ago.


I think I’ll buy the new laptop too. A Dell XPS 15 with UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) screen.

So what do I do with the old Sony VAIO? It’s still a nice machine, just 6 or 7 years old. I dunno. Donate it to the Men’s Shed, I suppose.

One problem with it is that I can only ever get about 2½ hours use on battery. It was like that right from new. It’s supposed to give 6 hours, so I don’t know why it doesn’t. The new Dell is rated at 10 hours. I hope so.