Heat wave


This wasn’t today. It was clear and sunny this morning, beautiful.

Beach stairs again today. Once again, I took ’em slowly to avoid sore thigh muscles. It worked last time. I also went thigh deep in the water but I nearly lost my balance as the sand got eroded away. Still too dangerous for me.

The forecast is for a severe and dangerous heat wave for the next week. It was 35ºC yesterday, same today, then 39ºC, 40ºC, 41ºC, 40ºC and not much different further into the whole of next week. This is unusually hot weather, even for WA. This is climate change.


I’m flattered again. I posted a comment on the premier photography blog a few days ago, about the typo typo mentioned below.

I was surprised to get an email from the blogger, a most erudite chap who used to be the editor of a couple of photography magazines, saying he couldn’t see what I was on about. What was wrong with the caption: “sold by Australian stationary chain Typo”?

I said, stationary vs stationery and explained. He emailed back and said:

Hi Peter,

Wow—believe it or not, I’ve never been aware of that distinction! After all the time I’ve spent reading, never mind editing, that surprises me. Truly—learn something new every day.
There you go. Even the mighty bow at my feet. 😉

Mazda MX6

I saw a Mazda MX6 yesterday. Thing is, I saw one the day before, too. Two Mazda MX6s on successive days, that’s remarkable. You can go six months and not see one.
The Mazda MX6 is the same engine and underpinnings as the Ford Probe, from the days in the 80s when Ford and Mazda had a tie up. The Mazda was designed and built in Japan and the Probe was designed and built in Detroit.

1996 Probe

I love the Ford Probe. They went out of production in 1997 but they still look great to me. I want one.
With my emphasis on living in Bali for extended periods, there’s no point buying a car here, so the Mercedes idea goes on the back burner. But you can buy a Probe for $4,000 or less, so I could possibly do that.
I had visits to the eye clinic at SCG Hospital on Wednesday and the dentist yesterday. The eye clinic is routine, every six months, and the difference this time is that he found the start of a cataract in my left eye which will probably need surgery soon. It would explain the glare problems I’ve been having, he says. At last! An explanation. I have to go back mid year and they’ll decide then.
The dentist was a sudden decision: a sore tooth and I’ve found a crack in a tooth. The sore tooth is a problem. There was a bit of decay and the filling needs replacement, but it seems to be hypersensitive. Even though I was fully anaesthetised (by the needles, I mean), I was still jumping as she drilled. I could still feel pain. She’s put a temporary filling in and we’ll have another go when I come back from this trip to Bali. Not looking forward to that.
The crack turns out to be old and not needing attention unless I ask for it, so that’s on hold as well.
The good part is that with medical fund rebates, the visit only cost me $57, and the next visit estimate is to cost me about $150 nett for extensive work.
I’ve been a Commonwealth Bank customer for over 30 years, but a news item yesterday is the last straw. I can’t continue with them.
It seems they had a couple of employees running a Ponzi scheme with investors’ funds. I won’t try and explain it, but it’s highly illegal and it meant many investors lost a lot of money. One lost $6 million, and another couple in their late 60s have had their house seized by the bank for some default that they didn’t know about. They’re having to live in a son’s caravan.
The thing is, the bank was told about this in about 2007 but they took no action until 2011. They knew about this illegal scheme being run by CBA employees within the bank and they let it continue for four years!
This is not the first time the Commonwealth Bank has been involved in highly questionable dealings and with harsh consequences for customers.
I’m getting out, and I’m going to ensure the CEO and board know why. I cannot trust this bank and I do not like the stench.
And the government has the gall to spend $60 million on a royal commission into trade unions! It’s business that’s corrupt in this country, not trade unions!
Last week I said I couldn’t find an ABC News item that I’d heard on the radio news, early in the morning, on any subsequent news bulletins, anywhere. So I asked the question on their Facebook page – where’s the item?
My post disappeared to be moderated, and that’s the last I saw of it. It was never answered. That tallies with a question I asked on WA Mornings 720 web page: what was the music you played for the dance track? Yes, I do require an answer.
Did I get one? No, of course not. I might hear something in 6 to 8 weeks, (joking) but expecting the ABC to answer is something I’ve learnt to disregard.