Notes from the bunker day 6

Screenshot from The Guardian

Notice the oddity in the picture above? Apart from being Kangaroo Tail Soup? Where are the forepaws in the middle two tails? Different logos for different aircraft. I’ve never seen that before.


Well, what a strange world to be in. None of us has ever known anything like this, confined to our homes for the foreseeable future. Not even in wartime did this apply. It’s like a science fiction novel. I’m fine, I have plenty of non-perishable food and even if I ran low, a period of enforced starvation rations would do me a world of good. I really, really need to lose weight but that’s another topic.

Thank goodness the weather is beautiful, even hot. Mid thirties most of this week in Perth. It wouldn’t be so nice if it was cold. I tend to feel less happy in cold grey weather, but there’s no sign of that, so Don’t Worry, Be Happy, eh?

I don’t think there’s any reason I couldn’t go out for a walk around the lake, or drive down to the beach access, get a bit of sea air. As long as I keep away from people and don’t touch railings and things without rubber gloves, no problem, I think. Could it actually reach the stage where police and troops were patrolling the streets with coercive powers? It’s a possibility. I could shake my walking stick at them.


An example of a great image from the web. It’s an asteroid’s size relative to a city, Los Angeles I think.

One of the things I’d like to do to while away the days (as if I needed things to do!!) is make a slideshow of a folder I keep on my desktop called Great Images from the Web. Whenever I see a fantastic image that I reckon I’ll want to see again, I save it there. I have 400 images in this folder!

Unfortunately I usually don’t have permission to use them or any way to credit the author or photographer. If I found my images were being used commercially or passed off as someone else’s work I’d be upset, but in this case I would be showing them as examples of great work and in no way claiming ownership. I hope to escape censure. Watch this space.


I was in Coles last Friday and came across a Navy person, a woman, in full camouflage uniform with all the badges and she had shoulder boards with two gold stripes, a Lieutenant. I felt bold enough to say hi and that the Navy is my favourite service. When I was 12 and 13 in the Sea Cadets in Rockingham in 1959/60/61, I wanted to join the navy but the minimum sign-on was 12 years in those days, which was a lifetime for someone my age. They didn’t want people who wore glasses either.

I asked this officer why the Navy needs camouflage uniforms out on the ocean. She grinned and admitted she didn’t know. Nice little chat.

But with sea level rises, I didn’t know we would have the RAN at our door this far up the coast. Maybe she was doing reconnaissance for a new base up higher.


I missed out on a good buy on Facebook Market last night, a Sony Mini Disc hi-fi deck for $120 in Yanchep. The ad said it was a bit reluctant to eject but it looked in good condition. I was going to buy it.

But the woman wouldn’t tell me where to come or give out her phone number (sign o’ the times, I guess) and I eventually said, “Well, will you bring it to me?” That seemed OK, briefly, but then she said her husband had a guy at his work interested, so this morning I found I’d missed out. Frustrating.

Umm, I actually already have three MiniDisc recorders so I hardly need another one, it’s just that this one would have matched my other components, i.e. it’s not black. One hi-fi deck size is black, one deck is a little portable and the other is built into a small all-in-one unit.

I started browsing eBay this morning but ouch! The fall of the A$ against the US$ has driven prices up markedly. Things from overseas are unaffordable now. Oh woe is me. Be thankful for small mercies.


It’s hot! Time for some aircon.