Notes from the bunker day 10

After a hail storm 31/10/19 05.35am.

Another quiet day in these crazy times. Who would have believed, Myer have closed all their stores for a month. Employees laid off without pay. All gun shops in WA closed down immediately, no warning. I can understand the lack of warning – the gun nuts would have rushed the stores to buy up before the ban applied.

But it’ll all be OK. The prohibition on getting hair jobs taking more than 30 mins has been lifted. Phew! So you can have that shampoo, blow dry, colouration, tips, style job, whatever, after all.

I’m only a bloke but why do you need to go to a hair salon to have your hair shampooed? Why not just do it yourself in the shower? And you’re not going to be going out on the town all dolled up, or meeting friends who you need to impress. Why do you need a salon job? You blokes, so you can’t have a haircut for a month or whatever. So what?


I’ve just fired up the Denon Super Audio CD (SACD) player I bought second hand last week and discovered that it will read CDs and DVDs OK, but not SACDs. That’s annoying. I guess the seller probably didn’t know it was faulty; he probably didn’t play any SACDs. They’re not common. I did look through Amazon’s catalogue today, though, and there are plenty available. I picked some out but haven’t ordered, as they are not cheap.


If you have to be self-isolated, it helps to have this beautiful weather. Let’s hope we get some rain tomorrow, but I’m not complaining.

I put up a comment on F/B with a beautiful picture of Rottnest, saying if you have to be quarantined, you could hardly wish for a better place to do it. People would pay thousands of dollars to spend two weeks over there.

One of my overseas friends was so impressed by the picture that she said next time she’s in Bali (she’s European) she’d like to visit Perth and see Rotto. I said “Great, stay with me.” Great, she said, and accepted. So that will be nice. I’m looking forward to it, but when it might happen, who knows?