A Trump chump

Ooooh, I’ve struck a Trump supporter.

A woman from a Bali web site I’ve been visiting, who lives in the USA, put up a post this afternoon saying that she’d just heard a Trump press conference (that should have been my first danger signal) and she said when he was off-mike she heard him say “fuck”. She didn’t make fun of him (that should have been the second danger sign), but a few people commented.

I put in a comment saying “The man’s a pig. No, pigs are better than him. A US pandemic expert said this morning that Trump is a danger to the whole world.”

Well, in less than five minutes I got a Facebook message, “Unfriend me please.” She must have been a Trump fan! Ha! Ha ha ha ha.

I’m glad I provoked her. I haven’t done as she requested. Too bad.


Ugh! Bastardo

That’s actually the Magna, but sama sama.

Someone’s vomited on my car. This is the Verada, parked outside in the laneway. It may not be vomit but I don’t know what else it would be.

This is the second time. Someone pissed, urinated on my Magna when it had to be parked out there last year.

What a mob of druggies and thieves we have around here. Luckily, apart from the loss of my mitre saw a few months ago, I’ve had no other trouble.


I just heard about the $750 for pensioners. That’s nice, assuming I get it. I should. I was mightily crapped off in 2009 when all taxpayers got the $900 to stave off the GFC crisis. I didn’t get it!

I was a self funded retiree at the time, not on any pension, no government funding. But because I didn’t pay any tax (not enough income) I wasn’t a taxpayer, therefore I wasn’t eligible!

What!!! What kind of logic was that? Holy smoke, I was paying my own way, not being a burden, but I missed out.

I wrote a letter of protest to the PM’s office and after about a month I did actually get a full reply. It used some kind of twisted logic to explain it, but it didn’t satisfy me. What could I do? Nothing, except watch two friends, both quite high income earners still working, spend their gifted money on a big gas barbecue. Grrr.

I’m actually spending a bit at the moment because I’m also selling things. New CPAP machine, lots of small things from Wish (doing my bit to help keep China afloat 🙂 ), a new roof lining for the Verada next week $230.

I’ve just bought a second hand Sony STR-DA3000ES Surround Sound Receiver off eBay, $320:

That should keep me happy for while! 🙂
Aaah, a nice big transformer. Not a switch-mode power supply. Good!

Seven channels of 150W per channel. I only want two of the channels, but it’s nice to know that the power is available. I had to arrange a courier to collect it from Cheltenham, Melbourne, and bring it here. It weighs 17Kg, $64 to transport.

I also plan to buy a second hand Bowers & Wilkins ASW-600 sub woofer this weekend:

It has a 150W amplifier built in. My KEF speakers have always lacked bass. This should fix it. Surprisingly, the seller is just across Marmion Ave, in Jindalee.

The purpose of all this is that I rarely listen to good music in the lounge area these days, nor do I watch DVDs. It’s because the amp and DVD player are too far away from my seated position and there are two things in the way to get around to reach it. I plan to reorganise things so that the electronics things are just to the left of the couch, so that I can easily reach them. The Pioneer amp I use at the moment will go. It’s too complex to use and I can’t read the tiny grey lettering on the black metal.


We were planning to hold our annual high school reunion (still going strong after 56 years!) on 4 April, but by general consensus among the 24 attendees so far, everyone agrees we should postpone. It’s too dangerous for us, all now aged 73, or soon will be, and some with frailties. I’m not frail, but I have three strong risk factors so I’m in agreement.

So we’ll postpone, not cancel. Therefore the 2020 reunion will be held in 2021, and the 2021 reunion in 2022, ad infinitum. Hah.