A Trump chump

Ooooh, I’ve struck a Trump supporter.

A woman from a Bali web site I’ve been visiting, who lives in the USA, put up a post this afternoon saying that she’d just heard a Trump press conference (that should have been my first danger signal) and she said when he was off-mike she heard him say “fuck”. She didn’t make fun of him (that should have been the second danger sign), but a few people commented.

I put in a comment saying “The man’s a pig. No, pigs are better than him. A US pandemic expert said this morning that Trump is a danger to the whole world.”

Well, in less than five minutes I got a Facebook message, “Unfriend me please.” She must have been a Trump fan! Ha! Ha ha ha ha.

I’m glad I provoked her. I haven’t done as she requested. Too bad.


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