Aaah, that’s better

Busselton 1990 © PJ Croft 2020

I had the last of three dental appointments on Friday, this one to fix a front tooth that broke last year. I was pretty nervous after the previous week’s painful session, but it was a breeze in comparison this time. I think even the dentist was shocked at my pain reaction the previous week. He said he’d asked colleagues and no-one had heard of my reaction. Well, I wasn’t imagining it, although as I’ve said, the memory of it has faded. Strange.

Anyway, this time I hardly felt anything and it was all over quite quickly. that was the last procedure until the next regular check, so I’ll get back into the habit again. It was really encouraging to find there was no decay or major work needed.


I’ve been scouring the web in search of information about camping and caravan parks up North, in case I decide to get away this winter. It’s so hard to know what to do. Will it get bad here in Perth? In what way? Would it reach the stage of feeling confined to our houses? If I did decide to hit the road, what if I started to feel sick at Kalbarri, for example? I don’t think there’s much in the way of hospital care there. What about Coral Bay, or Exmouth? What if I were camped on the other side of NW Cape? So would I drive myself while feeling very sick?

It’s obviously impossible to know these things. I guess all we can do is try to stay positive and busy and “Always look on the bright side” as Monty Python would.


Jeez, Broome’s bloody expensive! If I drive north, I might make it my turn-around point and stay for a couple of nights, but $125 per night is the minimum for any kind of cabin or hotel room accommodation and it heads skywards from there. I’d like to see the place, but who can afford to stay there. I could stay in a five star for a month in Bali, including airfares, for the price of a week in Broome in a three star, and not including airfare or fuel.

However, given the drought of forward tourist bookings, those prices may change. I was reading that Cairns is almost at a standstill now. Lots of bargains there, I’d say. It would be nice to spend the winter in Cairns.


I’m steadily uploading my images to Picfair, the photo sales website and I’ve got about 120 up so far. Each upload is limited to 20, and every image has to have a title, a description and as many keywords as you can come up with (usually about 20-25). It all takes time. It took about three hours to do the latest batch of twenty.

No sales so far, I’m afraid. The Picfair people suggest a price for us to choose, so I’ve put $25 approx for all mine. That’s for whaat they call editorial use, e.g. for a magazine picture or for a web site. But for a major campaign, say a prestigious magazine, or as the lead for an ad campaign or whatever, then it’s usually about 10x that. They set the price, not me.

No sales, as I said, but at least I’m out there. You never know.