Only one more month (of winter)

A reverse chrome plated sway bar with neoprene grease nipples? Yair, we had one of those come in last week.


More rain today, and grey skies, same as yesterday and the day before, and before… The forecast is for a fine day next Thursday, thank goodness.


Nonetheless, I’ve had quite a good day, after a good sleep! I’m having trouble waking up, or more correctly, staying awake after I initially wake in the morning. Before I know it, another couple of hours have gone by. Must work on this as spring and summer arrive.

Anyway, I made a trip to Aldi to buy a specific item. For about 25 years I’ve had one of these:

It’s a Tefal Quick_Cup. It heats water to just below boiling and pumps it out of the spout into your cup. The point is, you only heat enough water for a cup’s worth. You don’t boil a whole kettle for one cup.

It’s still working, but it drips a lot and is stained and gunky. They went off the market years ago and I often wondered if I’d ever be able to replace it.

Well, today Aldi is selling these:

It’s $70. I think my Tefal cost around $100 all those years ago. As you can see, the new one’s got a temperature readout, adjustable temperature with four presets, and adjustable amounts of water dispensed. Suits me, so I bought one this morning. I may be able to give my old one to a friend. (It’s in not bad condition.)


While I was at Aldi, I ran into an old work colleague, Graham, from the Channel 7 days, and we had a good chat. I’m very pleased, because Graham is one of the good guys, a nice guy. We go back about 50 years there, I think. He’s just turned 70 and is about to retire, and since we live only five minutes apart, I hope we’ll be able to share some coffees and stories. He knows my house.


Then it was sushi lunch at the Butler shops. Later at the BWS bottle shop I was a bit flabbergasted when I bought my beer for the week. I bought three four can packs of designer beer and as I was paying, the young guy said, “You’re not buying it for those kids are you?”

Huh?? I didn’t understand and asked him to repeat. He pointed to three youths across the way, on the seats, and said it again, asking me if I was buying for them. He said it was a bit common, older guys (like me?) buying grog for under agers.

Whaaat? I said “No!, It wouldn’t occur to me.” I didn’t arc up, but I thought, “What is this crap?” He apologised and said he didn’t mean to suggest I would. But that’s what he was doing, suggesting it. I walked away feeling quite annoyed.

Considering I had to show the contents of my (hand)bag at Aldi before the checkout lady would serve me, I am bloody offended! They are casting accusations. I’m not happy.


I had a follow-up appointment with the skin cancer surgeon last Tuesday. Aaaarrrrgh! That guy is chronically late! Two bloody hours I waited! At the end, I was considering leaving. I went out into the common area and asked a nurse if he was actually in the building. She apologised and said he’s just here (in the next room).

I think I’ve had about eight appointments in the past five months and he’s been seriously late for every one of them, including the surgeries. It took three months from the time I first made an appointment to get to see him, during which I reckon the skin cancer was growing and becoming more painful.

That first visit took a 1 3/4hr wait. Then the first surgery was 1 1/2hrs late. And so on. The second surgery was 3 1/2hrs late. And now this. I don’t know how skilled he is, but I will not recommend him.

Especially since he had to redo the surgery, because he wasn’t sure he got enough out. Did I get it free? No way, he charged for it again, including making me pay a $600 gap fee. Plus $300 up front, before the op, for the anaesthetist.

Anyway, the result of Tuesday is that I have a good, healthy healing line on the back half of the circular wound, nearest my ear, but the front half has healed in a lumpy ridge, forming a very noticeable scar. He spent a couple of minutes examining it and sucking his teeth before saying he doesn’t know whether it’s still healing, or whether the cancer is still growing under the skin and forming the lumps.

So it will either heal, in time, and the lumps will get smaller, in which case, all well and good. Or it will stay the same, in which case I will have a big scar line.

OR, the lumps will get bigger, in which case the cancer is still growing. Bloody hell! I have to have another appointment in six weeks’ time to see the progress.

I’m losing confidence in this guy.


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