Ho hum, another bad Liberal

Dieng, Java 1989. These two were cousins. I reckon I would have been on a good thing with the young lady, if I’d been able to stick around. She took a shine to me. But she was Muslim.

Well, the Bureau of Meteorology is not doing too well in forecasting at the moment. Yesterday and today were supposed to be wet, wet, wet, yet Wednesday was pretty dry and nice all day. It rained early yesterday morning, yet since about 8am it’s become sunnier and nicer.

Today’s forecast is for 100% chance of rain, 15-25mm. I have a lunch scheduled and was hoping for a fine Spring day. Which will it be, rain or shine? It seems to be a flip of the coin. (Hint: it rained.)


Yet another court case involving a former Liberal Party politician – today a former Liberal Treasurer of WA has been charged with a potential criminal offence and is in custody (meaning he’s in a cell). This guy was once seriously put forward as the potential “next” premier of WA. This is the guy who made sexual innuendo into an art form. He quit politics under the smell of scandal. The charge relates to domestic abuse. What a nice guy.

A famous Liberal son is also in the news now for allegedly being associated with alleged dodgy property schemes.

The damning laptop which threatens to expose even more of the scandals surrounding at least one other ex Liberal politician is still being sought by the Corruption and Crime Commission.

Week after week, month after month, more and more comes out about the criminality of the Liberal Party of WA. They do not deserve to exist as a political party.

It is vital that we have a strong newspaper and journalism tradition to expose these things. I’m not much impressed by The West Australian and its Channel 7 ownership and bias, but at least there are some good journalists still trying to fight the good fight.

PS: Hah! Prophetic headlines. I wrote the above paragraph yesterday, and today yet another Liberal politician has bitten the dust. Although she hasn’t been charged with any crime, and is presumed innocent, Gladys Berejiklian, premier of NSW, has resigned. She was very, very foolish in her choice of “boyfriend”, another Liberal MP in the NSW parliament and is alleged to have “looked the other way” while he did dodgy deals.

As I said, when the mud is flying, it sticks to Liberal Party people. We need a federal ICAC!


Speaking of fighting the good fight, I’ve long admired the US TV series, The Good Fight, shown on SBS and Netflix. It concerns a law firm in Chicago which is owned almost exclusively by Black lawyers. Except one of the principals is a white woman. I suppose it’s to hang some of the story lines on, but she does a fantastic job. This firm is left wing Democrat aligned and anti-Trump to the eyeballs. Hilary Clinton features a bit. It’s right up to the minute – the present episodes are about the storming of the Capitol and so on.

They’re into series five now. The first few series were magnificent – crackling scriptwriting, engaging stories, likeable characters. I enjoyed it immensely and I’ve got it all recorded. It’s good enough that I’ll go back and start from series 1, ep. 1 one day.

But I’m sad to say that the current episodes have descended into silliness. Several of the major characters have departed and the law firm is being rebuilt, with power struggles for who is in control.

I’ll stick with it, but it’s clear that there have been changes in scriptwriters, too. Crazy characters, weird stories. I still highly recommend watching from the start, if you haven’t seen it.


This was 2012 but all these guys were with us today.

I’ve just got home after a lunch with six other guys I used to work with at Channel 7 for so many years. Of course, I went dressed as Peta and this was the first time any of them knew, or have seen me in my new persona. A couple of the guys didn’t recognise me until I spoke up. Everyone was very polite at first and didn’t say anything, so I had to fill the gap at one point and explain myself, to much polite laughter, but it was fine and we all had a good time. It’s a pity it was raining so much; when I booked it several weeks ago, I was hoping for a nice warm, sunny Spring day. No such luck. Would you believe, I forgot all about a group photo. There we were, all techo people and none of us thought of a photo. Duh!

I had fish tacos. Bloody hell, I could have made a better dish than that. The tacos were just three soft circles of flatbread. The fish was three small cubes (one on each flatbread), about a 20mm cube, of some tough fish that hardly tasted of anything. On a bed of chopped up red cabbage! No other vegetables. Drizzled with a dressing from a bottle. I could have done a better job!! $22.

One of the conversation points was: Who’s doing the book? Who wants to write a book about our Channel 7 days? Me, me me me, pick me. I’ve been writing it in my head for years and here is someone else thinking about it too. I’d better make a quick start because I don’t want someone else to jump in first. I say this because I know I can write interesting, lucid, entertaining prose, my memory is fantastic and I have hundreds of photos. In addition, I can lay it out, attractively, ready for publication.

I will call for contributions but I’ll have to very diplomatically say that I reserve the right to edit, in order to correct spelling and grammar and preserve the style.

I mentioned to someone (a young lady in a shop who I talk to regularly) that I need voice to text software so I can dictate. Being young and “phone savvy”, she said, hey, you’ve got it on your phone, and showed me how to use Google Docs voice to text on the phone. Shazzam! This means I could lie in bed and dictate at any time. This could work!


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