Jasmine Villa

Ketewel, top right
The villa at Ketewel, available for rent

First, the Google Earth images show where I was taken yesterday. The villa for rent or sale is at the end of that white path above. Just for interest.

I’ve been working to try to get the video files I shot yesterday of the Jasmine Villa down to a size able to be posted. It’s not easy!

This first one was converted using Handbrake and is 31MB. It’s still FullHD, just heavily compressed.

The next one is reduced to 1280×720, still HD but not Full HD. Even so, it ended up at 87MB (it’s longer than the one above). I don’t know if it’ll load.

Naaah! The first one took so long to upload that it’s hopeless. Battery will die first. Try this one and I’ll try to reduce the other files further.



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