At last!

That guy who pushed a man through a window at the Ocean Beach Hotel in Cottesloe, resulting in the man dying a horrible death, has been found guilty of murder.
At last a jury in WA has done justice. I’ve been wanting to comment on this for the past week but didn’t dare because of sub judice rules.
Now I can. If you’ve seen the pictures of the scene, it was the upper window that was smashed! To me, that shows that the thug, the murderer as we can call him now, pushed Andrew Marshall so hard that he lifted him off the floor and propelled him through the upper pane of a window, where he fell to the street below and died of the fall and glass cuts.

He pleaded not guilty and said he didn’t plan to kill him. Bit late, mate. For once, for once, our court system has returned justice.  I’ve long felt that in this state, you can get away with murder, but if you’re innocent, you’ll be found guilty. Proven in five separate, terrible cases. Shame, WA, shame!


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