What are the chances?

Aaaaah, I love this cool, still, damp weather. Perth used to be the Windy City. I didn’t like the way the wind was always blowing, gusting, swirling the leaves, bending the branches. Maybe I’m imagining it, but it seems to me it’s much calmer these days along with less rainfall and warmer temperatures.The climate is changing.
I did a double take the other day — my supermarket checkout bill was an anagram of my PIN. I’m not going to say what the number was, but I immediately thought, wow, what are the chances of that?
Well, the chances are one in 10,000 of course. Four numbers, four digit PIN. Sooner or later they must come up. BUT, what are the chances of them coming up in the same order as your PIN? Those are different odds. I’m still working it out.
Yes, I bought a Lotto ticket. No, I didn’t win. What are the odds of that?
A website I visit every day posted this image yesterday:
Full-disk image of Earth from Russia’s Elektro-L satellite. (NTs OMZ)
In the comments section I said, “Best thing about it? The USA is nowhere to be seen. And for once we can see my home town, Perth, Western Australia.”
Being a US website I expected a few sarcastic replies, but instead I got 9 Likes and mine is the most popular comment. Wow.
You can see a 1.2 Giga pixel version at http://gigapan.com/gigapans/103187 It’s pretty interesting.

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