Damn, I’d like to see that

The finishing line. Wish I could be there. Picture credit: Me!
Wow, I’ve just read (see here  and here) about the Thames river festival to be held in London on Sunday June 3 for the Queen’s Jubilee. Wow! I wish I could be there. This is the first I’ve heard of it.
The Olympics leave me cold. I’m sure it’ll be great for people who like sport, but crowds, transport, security, not to mention cost mean I wouldn’t go even if I could. But to see a spectacle of royal barges, music, massive peals of bells, fireworks and colour even bigger and better than they used to do it in the 17th century would be near the top of my list of things to do before you die.
As the article says, the procession will take 90 minutes to pass any given spot and will be loud, colourful and best of all, advertising free. It will surpass anything seen in the past 300 years.
I’m sure they’ll be recording it and I’ll line up to buy a BluRay DVD. I hope they do it justice.

PS: Yeah, why don’t I just go? I just checked airfares – Singapore – Paris return for ~$1050. Eurostar to London to avoid the delays at London airports. But I can’t even get my shoes on or walk to the shops these days. Not feasible. Not a hope.


 In the post before this one I said I bought a Lotto ticket on the strength of the PIN chance.

Well, that one didn’t win, but the next one did. Yes, folks, I’m a Lotto winner. Don’t start queueing, though. I won $12.90 (the ticket cost $7.85). I think this is the first time I have ever won anything at Lotto or the lottery.

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