John Lennon Knew

John Lennon sang, “Nobody told me it would be like this”. How true.
All my life I told myself  “All dogs end in tragedy” as my reason for not having a pet. It was from experience: I’d seen dogs die in our family and although I didn’t grieve as I do now, I still remember them.
What a paradox. A pet dog gives unbelievable pleasure and keeps on giving. But at the end, owww, oooooowww, it’s so hard.
Minnie 31 May 2012 6.30pm
Minnie is 13, going on 14, but she’s still OK. She still as all her teeth and they are fine. All her senses, hearing, smell, taste, sight — no problems. She still eats properly, has a fine appetite, crunches the bones, excretes properly, sleeps properly, all is good, except for walking and the lumps. You can’t see it in this shot but she’s got a big lump in her right side and a big “sore” on her right face cheek. She doesn’t seem to be in pain from these – she doesn’t scratch, she sleeps on the lumpy side. But it can’t be fun for her.
But she insists on sleeping outside! It rained heavily today, but she stayed out in her “dirt pit” until the thunder started, then she finally came in when I insisted. She was scared by the lightning (so was I!) and came up really close to me, but she’s soaking wet and covered in dirt! I really want to comfort her, but it’s a bit messy.
Then an hour later the rain set in again. After a while, I wondered where she was and looked out the front. There she was on her cushion, but it was out in the rain! I called her inside and she came when I insisted, but again, wet through and not exactly pleasant to comfort. I gave her dinner inside for once, on her cushion so she wouldn’t have to move.
Then about 7.05pm I moved, to get my dinner. She immediately got up and went for the door! I tried to get her to stay inside in the warmth but, no way.
I just don’t know. Is  she OK? Is she in bad pain? Jeez, this is hard.

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