Dribble Trouble


15 Feb 2005. These guys were working on the pole in front of my house. Those wires carry 22,000 Volts. The switch is open, but you don’t take any chances with that stuff, hence all the insulating devices. That entire pole with all its switchgear and insulators has been replaced by now. Those glass insulators are gone, replaced by flexible plastic ones. I had a good stickybeak and feel while the new pole was on the ground.

Aaaah, ya gotta laugh. It’s 5am and I’m writing this because it’s not worth going back to bed yet … I’ve spent the last half hour getting power back on. Read on.

Being a bit thundery last night, Minnie came inside about 9pm and so I locked her inside when I went to bed. After a while, I heard her come into my room and find her usual place in the gap between the head of my bed and the wall. As usual, she was doing her panting, which indicates she’s a bit scared. I went to sleep.

I awoke at 1am because my CPAP machine had stopped. When that happens, I soon know about it – choke, choke. Oh dammit, power had gone off. I could see the clock had stopped at 1am. Nothing for it but to wait it out, trying to doze but constantly waking because I choke without the CPAP. By 1.30, 2.30, 3.30am still no power. I got up for a loo run. Minnie was still in her possie.

By 4.30am, still no power. This is a long outage, I thought. Then I noticed an orange glow from the street lights. Funny, they’ve got power. I got up to investigate.

Damn! The RCD (electronic fuse switch) on my power board had tripped. Damn!! I switched it on and it stayed on. Hmmm, must have been a transient.

It stayed on for a minute, then dropped out again. Grrr. So I started a process of unpugging things. At 4.30am!

I’d had trouble with the toaster before. Nope. My fan which runs on me all night? Nope. The RCD wouldn’t stay on.

Maybe it’s something in my computer gear? I’ve got multiple power splitter boards off that feed. Everything’s off, but maybe … I started unplugging things. Minnie had followed me to the door and I’d let her outside.

Then I noticed a slightly damp patch where one of the power splitters was behind my bed. Where Minnie had been.

Light dawned, both literally and figuratively. It was Minnie’s drool! In all her panting at the top of my bed, she’d drooled on the power board. The RCD had done what it’s designed to do and cut off the power. It wasn’t Western Power or Synergy or whoever they are after all. And I’d just spent 3 and a half hours of very uncomfortable sleep without CPAP because I like to have Minnie inside with me. Doggone.

I found another power board (a dry one) and swapped it in. Bingo, RCD stayed in, power back again.

By this time it was 5am and getting light, so I’ve stayed up. It’ll catch up with me later, and I’ll have a sleep mid morning, probably.


Don’t forget, it’s 12/12/12 today, and I’m going to take a shot of the clock at 12:12:12pm for the record. This happens only once in a millennium and I’m going to record it.


I received my two printed Venice books yesterday. Courtesy of a neighbour five doors away. Yes, even though they were clearly and properly labelled with my street number, 118, they were delivered to 108 by the couriers, DHL. My neighbour kindly brought them to me.

This is the second time I’ve had goods brought by DHL and the second time they’ve stuffed up. The first time was in June when they assumed I wasn’t home on a Friday at midday and just left a card in my security door, “Sorry we missed you.” No, I was home! I didn’t hear anything, but my car was in the carport. That involved me in a l-o-o-o-o-ng drive to the airport to collect my goods.

And now this. The packages were properly addressed, yet they delivered them to the wrong house. NOT impressed with DHL.


The books look magnificent. The printing is a bit darker than it should be, but it’ll do. And I discovered a caption mistake in one of them, but that’s my fault.

I’ve realised that the actual printing and binding is done in Kuala Lumpur.

I finally finished my Concerto di Venezia Blu-ray yesterday too. I think I’ve about had enough of Venice – 6 months’ work, slide show, video/slide show and book. That’s enough. Time to move on to the next project – Paris, I think. Or a book collection of my best work of 45 years. Or Blu-ray of Cambridge, York, Nottingham. And another project, my memoirs, simultaneously. Never bored.

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