Chicken soup for the soul

I had a little bit of kindness that made a big difference a couple of hours ago.

A few days ago my Venice books arrived from the printers, but they’d been delivered to the wrong house a few doors up. (DHL again. I don’t like ’em.)

So my neighbour brought the books to me, introduced himself as Mark and we had a bit of a chat. Just about house values in the street and how my sale’s going and stuff like that, a few minutes. I’ve never met him before.

Then a couple of hours ago, I heard a woman’s voice at the front, went out and there was a woman with a Glad wrapped green plastic plate in her hand.

“Hi, I’m Lorilee, I’m from number xxx, My husband Mark was here the other day with your book. I’ve just cooked an early Christmas dinner and thought you might like some”, and she passed me the plate.

Boy, I was chuffed! Isn’t that nice? I thanked her profusely, I can tell you.

It’s a full plate of chicken and all kinds of salads. It’ll do me nicely for two meals. That’s neighbourly. I know how I’m going to return the favour – all planned.



To cap it all, my back fence neighbour is doing it again right now. They’ve got a wood fired pizza oven and the smoke blows (from the west) all over me. I’m breathing it now.

ImageI’ve spoken to him about it and put it in writing and told him I won’t tolerate it, but he ignores me. There is a council ban on burning rubbish, but I doubt he’d abide by it.

I am getting a constant barrage of annoyances over the back fence – screaming kids, loud parties, drunken shouting and swearing, strong lights in my eyes, the smoke, a yapping dog, loud lawn mowing and edging,  and now, this summer, the sun reflecting in my eyes for about 2 hours every afternoon from their new solar panels. I’m sick of it!



I have a good idea for a way to stop it, but it requires digging holes and putting up poles in my back yard for a screen. I just don’t have the strength any more. But I may have to do it. Even if the house sells next weekend, it’ll be 8 weeks more before I move.


I’m using my Circulation Booster at this moment. It’s two footpads with contacts for different areas of your feet, and low voltage electrical stimulation of the muscles. It doesn’t hurt, but it can be pretty strong. It’s a bit masochistic but I quite like it. It seems to do good – my legs really feel good after the half hour sessions. A bit like a massage.


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