This was my place in September 1986, the month I bought it.


This was the back yard in those days. It was a nightmare of BIG trees. That’s Peter Partridge looking ruefully at the job.


This was the decor at the time. In other words, when I took it on, I knew I had a big job ahead of me, but I was pretty slim and fit in those days and I looked forward to it. I got a fair way into the job, stripping all the wallpaper out, repainting, installing architraves – yes, there were no architraves around the doorways!

All this is a long way of saying, I signed on the dotted line to accept an offer a couple of hours ago and although the buyers know they’ve got work ahead of them, it’s a lot less than I took on. The guy is 39, the same age I was in 1986. Good luck to him.

He’s being presented with the papers right now, and subject to finance, it looks like I have a sale at last. It’s been a long road. I must admit, I’m a bit nervous, but …

It also looks as if there’s a villa available in the St Ives complex right where I want to be, of the right type, facing the right way (for sun aspect), so barring accidents, I might be in there by mid February, Barry says.

Phew! It’s both exciting and stressful at the same time, but it has to be done. There are too many problems here and I need a change of scene.


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