Still here …


The inside of this laptop. Marvels of engineering!

You’d think having all this free time and rest would be great, but I’m still feeling the pressure. I feel sick, just plain sick. Awful weariness all the time. Any effort, just getting up and moving around, brings on muscle tiredness straight away. I’m seeing the doc on Friday to try to work out what’s wrong. I’m wondering if there’s a medication problem, two or more of my drugs interacting. My friend knows a pharmacist near here who specialises in this kind of thing. I might take my list along and have a chat.

Luckily I can just take myself to my bed and rest, which I’m doing.


I bought a new GPS navigator yesterday, a TomTom once again. I found it for $89, so it was not a huge cost. I used to have TomTom right from 2006 when my first one cost $750. That was a huge cost, in hindsight, but it seemed so marvellous then. It was.

In 2011 I switched to Garmin because that was the only one that offered maps of Bali. That only cost $225, approx, but I could never get the map to work. I got a refund on the map, so that was OK, and I’ve continued with the Garmin here ever since.

But I was never happy with the software. It didn’t seem as comprehensive as the TT, and if I deviated from the suggested route, it absolutely insisted that I get back on the track it wanted. It was so bad that I turned the sound off and effectively couldn’t use it. There was only one route, and that was it. It seemed lacking in other ways, too.

Well, having used the TT again yesterday and today, I can affirm that TomTom software is far better. I entered the route to Margaret River, and as I remembered from my previous models, it allowed me to rehearse and examine the route in several different ways. Garmin won’t do that. It shows the route OK, but you can’t do a run through of it.

Even coming back from the shops, the TomTom suggested a route, but when I deviated a bit, it immediately worked out what I was doing and took me by the route I wanted. $89 well spent, I think. It’s my third TT unit and it’s like coming back to a familiar friend.


Five and a half weeks to go to my new house. Settlement date is 4 April. I was going to say I can’t wait, but I just have to. Minnie is quite happy here. She can lie in the dirt in the garden and she’s happy about getting lots of attention, especially from the three little kids next door. The youngest is 17 months and she’s a little apprehensive, but likes Minnie all the same. The eldest boy has found a new friend. He asked me if he could take Minnie’s leash to school to show the class, but he forgot to take it in the end.


Oh, I got the Telstra wi-fi modem dongle going. It just seemed to need reboots and time. Looks like I’m a Telstra customer again after many years of resisting them. Not much choice, I’m afraid.

Disposing of the old Vivid modem battery worries me. It’s swollen up to double its thickness. Shopping centre bin.


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