One sleep to go!

It’s nearly time. Officially, settlement occurs today, Thursday 4th, and I can move in tomorrow, Friday midday. [Update: yes, as of 12 noon, settlement went through and I’m now the owner.]Image

This is it!

Boy, it’s been a long road. It was about July last year when Barry and I first started serious discussions about selling Trigg, and about September when we first listed it. There have been many hard bumps in the road since, and I ran off into the ditch a few times. As usual, I thought it would be easy – I had it all planned to go into the retirement village, but I made wrong assumptions as usual.

It’s entirely thanks to Barry Wood, real estate salesman extraordinaire, that I’m now only 24 hours away from moving into the best house I could have wished for. Barry has stuck by me through thick and thin, gone to amazing lengths to help me. I cannot thank him enough or praise him highly enough. Barry Wood, Zoo Property, folks. Recommended. I’ve told him how grateful I am many times. He knows. He’s a friend for life now.

Additionally, I’m very glad that from an initial position of just one sale, my Trigg house, he got three sales from me, counting my purchase in Butler and the previous owners’ purchase of their new house. I’m very pleased about that. He deserves it. He put a HUGE amount of work in.


I went to the bank on Tuesday and drew a bank cheque to pay for the house. The bank guy said, “Which account would you like it to come from?”

I said, “Er, the one with sufficient funds!” I said he could take it out of another account if he wanted to, and leave my house sized account alone. He saw the joke.

That’s definitely the biggest amount, around half a million dollars, I’ve ever drawn in one transaction, and I don’t think it will ever happen again.


I had the final buyer’s inspection on Tuesday and met the sellers properly. Lovely people. We had a good chat. I said, “Don’t stress. I understand how fraught you must be feeling. If you can’t get everything out by Thursday, I can give you some time.” But they seem OK. They’re a lot younger than I am and can tolerate this better, I think.

I liked the house even more than the brief look I had about 8 weeks ago. It’s got an alarm system, reticulation, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, a Miele dishwasher. It was built as a display house, so I think it had a few extras put in. The rooms seem even bigger than I remembered. There are fruit trees (mainly lemons) and an olive tree. Love it, in other words. The water feature works. I’m looking forward to the sound of the waterfall. It even has coloured mood lights with a remote control to vary the colours!

Today I changed the water, electricity and gas accounts over to my name, and enquired about phone connection. It seems I can get ADSL2+ ! At last, after all these years of crappy dial-up speeds and intermittent wireless dropouts

Nearly there.


In the meantime, I dunno what else can go wrong. My CPAP device fell off the bed shelf a couple of nights ago and water (from the humidifier) got inside and it stopped working. At about 4am! Luckily I have a spare old machine, but no humidifier for it. It works, but I woke at 4am this morning with my nose very painful – too dry. I couldn’t sleep much after that. Luckily, a day in the sun dried out the good machine and it’s working again now.

But my laptop is increasingly refusing to boot up. That is, it won’t get past the Sony logo, which is VERY early in the boot sequence. So far, removing the battery and reinserting it seems to get it going, but this is a very bad sign. This is a $3,500 machine (Blu Ray recording etc) and it’s not ready for retirement by any means.

Also, my Telstra wireless USB modem is very poor at getting a connection here. I had very reliable internet in Margaret River (even 4.4Km out of town), and in Busselton, but here in Duncraig it’s completely erratic, unusable a good part of the time. Very frustrating.


I also booked the removalists today – for next Monday. I have to be at the storage place between 7am to 8am. Bugger. That means battling the peak hour morning traffic. Oh well. They say they use a 50 cu. m. van, so my 35-40 cu. m. load should fit nicely.

I went to the lockup to check on it last Sunday and found one of the roller doors won’t open properly. Something inside must have shifted, blocking the door from raising more than about a metre. Oh well, I’ll just say, “Start pulling stuff out from the bottom until you can make it raise properly.” Then I’ll leave them to it. That’s what I’m paying them $169 an hour for.


I bought a roll at Miss Maud’s, Karrinyup, yesterday. The assistant girl said what I thought was, “Seven, right?” I said, “No, $4.95”, and pointed to the price sign.

She said, “No no, semmen (salmon), OK?” in an NZ accent. Bloody Kiwis.

Last Sunday I was also sitting outside the newsagent when it was closed. I could see calendars on a rack through the vinyl doors. One was labelled CRAPERS. I puzzled over this. What the hell does CRAPERS mean?

Today I saw the same calendar without the trick of the light. It was SKYS CRAPERS. Duh.


Another hot day today. This is getting tedious. I resumed my summer routine of a cold shower this morning.

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