I’ve made my bed …


Saturday, 30 March, five days to go. I bought a King Single sized bed and mattress today, for delivery to my new house next Friday so that I can sleep for the first weekend without worrying about the rest of my furniture. That’s all I need. I’ve got a new King Single fitted sheet, and my trusty feather doona and my own pillows. That’s all I need. Bliss!

The “Shed of Beds” missed out on my purchase – I patronised a local shop at Ocean Keys shopping area. Crumbs, I was the only customer. How do they stay in business?

I took the opportunity to drive slowly around the area, getting the feel for the streets. I still rejoice in my decision to buy that particular house. No doubts, no hesitations. Love at first sight. It sounds ridiculous, but it ticks all the boxes, as if I’ve fallen into the place I’ve always wanted. I could wish for a slightly larger block, so I could have a pool, but I reckon a spa will do just as well, one day.

Then I drove the 1.5Km to the ocean front at Jindalee. Beeeyoootiful day, and the ocean and beach looked very inviting. I actually went down the 78 steps to the sand and back up again. That will be a goal – do that without stopping for breathers. The beach looked too prone to rips, though, so I didn’t try to go in.

There’s a terrific Chippy’s Fish Cafe there, too. Bit pricey, but lovely menu – Italian as well as seafood. I think I’ll be a regular.

So with the warm, autumn weather and bright sunshine, a nice day. Five days to go!

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