The Hammer Fell!


Blue Wren

Bastards. Yesterday (Wednesday) I had to get out of the caravan park two days early. That’s $140 wasted.

About 9.30am the boss man came to the door and said “Mate, I’ve had several people complain about your dog barking. She’s got to go.”

Several people? Well, I just don’t believe him. Everyone who saw her either smiled and wanted to pat her or stopped to chat. Three people actually brought me food for her. The only time she barked was when I went to the showers — single barks, woofs actually, spaced about 5-10 secs apart. “Dad, where are you? Why have you left me?” This was only after 8am. I was only away for about 10-15 mins and I came out when I could, to let her see me. For 99% of the day and night she was completely silent.

But I suspect he just didn’t want my dog in the park, even though they advertise as dog friendly and they’d taken my booking and taken my money in advance. There were other dogs there, including a German Shepherd that wandered around without a leash and a yappy little silky terrier that barked like mad at Minnie whenever its owner took it past. Minnie didn’t respond.

So this was a blow to the guts. I considered pleading to stay one more night but I was too worried and upset, so I packed up and headed out as soon as I could, about 11am. I left the key in the door to the cabin and told the cleaner I was going. Cleaner? Only when cabins are vacated. I found a bag of the previous occupants’ rubbish in the cabin when I arrived, dammit!

My sister had previously offered to put me up but I’d resisted because she’s not well and I didn’t want to impose Minnie on her. But she said it would be OK, so I took her up on the offer and came back to Duncraig. What a relief it feels. That caravan park stay turned out to be awful. I had to be constantly alert to any problems and that meant I had to stay at the cabin most of the time. I was bored!

And what a cruddy cabin! This park is supposed to be 4 star, but it’s not, in my opinion. The shower block was clean, but old. The cabin was old, 1980s vintage, and grubby and worn out, with rough timber edges and peeling fake wood grain. No hot water, no microwave oven, just an old electric stove. No aircon, of course, just a fan. No linen or pillows supplied – luckily I needed new stuff so I bought my own. And hard, incredibly uncomfortable stackable plastic chairs. I had to buy a folding camp chair.

Another couple showed me their cabin – it was anew one and it was far better than mine – it had an en-suite bathroom, a separate bedroom and full cooking facilities, including hot water. It was built like a big modern caravan, in other words. $88 a night, linen supplied.

I got talking to the couple in the cabin and later she brought me cooked food, for me! Savoury scrambled eggs and buttered bread. Wow. I must look needy 😉 But it was very kind and I thanked her profusely.

So all in all, another rough week. Thank goodness I’m back near my new place and in comfort. I must admit, I’m nervous again at the moment because before I realised it, Minnie had started digging a pit in my sister’s flower bed to lie in. Uh oh! I’ll fix it, I’ll fix it, don’t fret!


I took the slow road back to Perth yesterday, through the Ludlow Tuart Forest near Busselton, for example. I love that drive.

Then into Bunbury to have a quick look, and what a modern city it’s become, full of luxo looking houses and apartments. The traffic was a bit heavy so I didn’t stay.

Then through Australind and Eaton, along the estuary. Again, very developed now compared to over 10 years ago when I last saw it. A bright sparkling autumn day made it nicer.

Then up the Old Coast Road through Mandurah and near to Rockingham. Wow, the roads have been developed since I last saw them, more than 10 years ago. Heavy traffiic spoils it, though, especially after Kwinana. Too many heavy vehicles for my liking. Nose to tail traffic nearly all the time. And traffic lights!! Endless stopping, no synchronisation at all. Just get moving and you have to stop, over and over again.

So you have the choice – take the Forrest Highway and Kwinana Freeway and get a smooth flow, but a totally boring drive, nothing to see. Or put up with congestion. At least I know, now.


Coming up Leach Highway and West Coast Highway, I got to Trigg about 3.30pm with time to spare, so I took Minnie to an old familiar place, the oval near the North Beach Rugby Club where I used to take her all the time. It’s nice soft lawn and shady. I could tell she was a bit stressed (lots of panting) and when I got her out, she very quickly had a pee and drank all the water I gave her. Unfortunately, she fell off the ramp as I got her down and landed on her side, but after lying there for a few minutes, she got up, with a deal of difficulty, and walked to the grass.

Then when I tried to get her back up the ramp about half an hour later, she fell off again. She broke a toenail this time. She was reluctant to have another try, but I had no choice and had to pull and push her up. We got there.

Only two more ramps, Minnie: once into the car from here, then the final egress at your new and final home, and mine.


One thing I’ll have to do first thing is put some rubber or plastic sheeting (blue tarps) down over the white quartz leading to the rear lawn area at the new house. There are stepping slabs in it, but even I find them a bit far apart and hard to negotiate. The quartz is hard and sharp.


The settlement agent has been here this morning and I’ve signed the required documents and been given notice of the amount to be paid on Tuesday. The termite inspection was clear/OK, so it only remains to do a final purchaser’s inspection next week some time. I’ve told Barry that I won’t make any fuss. I know full well how stressful it is to move, so I won’t hassle the previous owners over anything trivial. I wasn’t even aware until now that I did have the right to object to anything. This is new since I last made a purchase in 1986. The process has become much more legalistic. What a surprise.