Back on the road again


Brrrr! It’s cold here on the verandah at 7.30pm. But I had a good drive today – from MR to Canal Rocks, Yallingup, Dunsborough to Busselton, then back to MR for groceries (mainly dog food!) and beer, then back to the farm at 6pm.

I submit the above photo as proof, m’Lud, that I’ve been to the east side of Busseltion, Layman Rd to be precise, to observe these two birds engaging in lewd acts, namely, preening. Preening!

No, this is the first time in about 20 years that I’ve taken some nice photos, and how nice it is.

Busselton, how you’ve grown! A little city. But nice. I could live there, I reckon.

Rough roads! I suppose my car is 12 years old, but I was being thrown around, bumped, banged, rumbled and blown away. The roads are terrible! I think we let ourselves down in tourism terms. I wanted to drive slowly but I was constantly being pushed from behind by cars that wanted to pass. Fair enough, but this is a tourist area. The roads are too narrow.

And I’m too cold! Bye.