Movin’ along


A quiet moment last year.

I wrote about long term space travel in the post below. This was from a comment I made on Radio National’s web site, i.e. I posted it. For some reason, they never published my comments. That’s a pity, because I was hoping to get some feedback from other readers. It took me about 20 – 30 mins to write that. Oh well.


I said I switched back to TomTom from Garmin. Well, the difference in the software is not just a little difference, it’s huge. I think TomTom is far better. I’m glad I made the move.


I saw the doc yesterday about my fatigue. He gave me a good check over and found nothing wrong. It’s just stress. I can see that. I’m feeling a little better now. Boy, this has been an ordeal, though. If I’d known two years ago what I was unleashing, the Pandora’s Box I was opening, I would never have started. With the benefit of hindsight … if only I could have foreseen the future. I should have been content with my lot. Take note, folks.


One good thing about staying with my friends in Scarborough is that the three kids next door have adopted Minnie. They range from 18 months to 4 and 6, and they love coming over to play with her. She responds – she loves the attention. When the eldest boy realised I’m going away next week and taking Minnie with me, he said, “I wish you lived here.” That was nice. I assured him I’m coming back, but there’s going to be a permanent parting soon, I’m afraid. I’d better make it quiet.