Back with the birds

Time flies. Five days have gone by and I’ve hardly noticed. I was on my own here Friday, Saturday and Sunday while Alan went to Bunbury and Perth, with the whole weight of the farm on my shoulders. Oooh, it was hard work. Not. Watering the plants and picking the ripe tomatoes kept me busy enough. Alan grows all his own veges, and very nice they are. It inspires me to try it myself. He’s an excellent cook, too. He goes to far more trouble than I do. This is real country cooking.


What is it? I believe it’s a New Holland Silvereye.



This is a blue wren.

The loudest noise here is the bird song. It’s beautiful.

ImageLotsa birds. These are noisy.


Cowaramup Bay.

As you can see, it was actually rainy and blowing hard, but very nice. The weather is all over the place – hot over the weekend, wet and cool yesterday. We all want it to rain properly.


I found a service station in town with a workshop, so I’ve booked my car in for a routine service tomorrow morning. Alan knows the mechanic and says he’s a really nice guy. I could tell even in the brief time I spoke to him. My car is running beautifully. Cruise control in the country is fantastic.

I can’t help noticing how friendly everyone is in the shops. That’s country life for you.