And still they come

My Dog, the shocks still keep coming. I was sitting at my table this morning and the woman I made the booking with last week came to the door. She said she must have my mobile number wrong because she’d been trying to ring me and couldn’t get me.

She said she had made a mistake taking my booking because dogs are not allowed in cabins, and did I have somewhere else I could go, any friends in the area? I said No! I came here because I’ve had to move out of my friend’s place at Margaret River. This is why I’m here. I have nowhere else to go.

She sucked her teeth and reiterated that dogs are not allowed in cabins. I said, she’s not in the cabin and never will be, there’s no way she can get up the steps. With that, she relented.

But dammit, they’ve taken my money for the full eight nights. They knew last week I had a dog. It’s too late to back out now. I’ll stand my ground on this – I have a contract and I’d be prepared to see a solicitor if they forced the issue, with the idea of damages. I hope that’s the last I’ll hear of it, but I can’t take many more of these shocks. It left me trembling.

For once, I’m happy that Vodafone reception was so poor at Alan’s farm. That’s probably why she couldn’t contact me. Thank goodness.

4pm: This place is going to get a letter from me after I leave! A while ago a bloke (park owner?) was operating a pump switch near me and when he got up, he said “Hey mate. Are you picking up your dog poo?”  I said yes, because I had, a couple of hours earlier. “Well, there’s some here”, and he gestured in a brusque way.  I said “OK, sorry, I hadn’t realised.” I wanted to add, “There’s no need to be so curt about it!” He was ordering me about. I’m the bloody paying customer. How about a bit of respect, mate?

I am not liking this place. It’s far too crowded. I can’t get my car into my carport easily, there’s no room to turn. The noise is incessant from a cabin building site – drop sawing every ten seconds all day today. Power lawnmowing noise. And I hear every conversation from the too close caravans. The showers are 1970s vintage, clean but small, utterly basic and old. The plastic table and chairs wobble around when I use them. Four star? Must be joking.