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That was quick. I ordered that new Olympus camera on Monday at about 10am and it arrived at my door Tuesday at midday.

Phwooaaar. It’s like a jewel. Even opening the box is a sensual experience. It’s all black, black packaging, black cloth bag for the camera, tiny add-on flash in a black velvet pouch. All so beautifully made.  Manufacturing has reached such a pinnacle that you wonder how it can get any better. Flawless!  PS: it’s been named Camera of the Year by three of the most respected web sites.  Didn’t influence me, of course …

So I went out and took some pictures in the afternoon. I have the Olympus 14-150mm (28-300mm in familiar terms), so I only need to carry that one lens. But at last I can adapt my Zeiss Contax G lenses with their legendary image quality to this superior camera.  The Contax G film cameras were so damned frustrating to use that I never got any decent results. Here we are 13 years later and the lenses are out of their pouches again, ready to be used properly. I nearly sold them off – glad I didn’t.

Samples from yesterday:




Always carry a camera if you want to get shots. These are at a local supermarket.


More from past years:

DSCF0047bIsle of Skye

SkyeIsle of Skye, Cuillin Mts

DSCF0079aIsle of Skye, near Portree

StromferryStromeferry, near Dornie

Castle window VEilaen Donan Castle, Dornie

08 10 05_EDonan_0042aEilean Donan Castle



_Front CoverThe books arrived dead on 9am this morning.  Heavy and luxurious. Very pleased.


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