Arcadia Cruise, Tuesday 11 March 2014


Another good sleep.  I awoke at 0530 and dozed until 0630.  Two laps of Promenade deck, equalling about 1Km.

I saw a crewman carrying a small rubber mallet.  I wondered if he was detailed to testing passengers’ reflexes in case any were dead.

Grey day, not much to see. A few boats and a big tanker heading south in the morning.  Slept 0930 to 1100. Had a very nice drink at 1pm – ginger beer and lime juice.  Must remember this.

I ate too much lunch at 2pm – cold meat and salad.  Why is fruit juice unavailable after 1145am?  Rigid rules on this ship.

My Olympus battery ran down, so I charged it using the Hahnel Unipal universal charger. This is a good device. It worked fine.  Coffee in the Piano Bar.  I wondered if they’d try to exclude me after 5pm?  Should I try?  I didn’t.

I gave Reception the copies I’d made of my old 1977 Arcadia ship’s cruise log and menu and they seemed pleased.  They asked me to write an accompanying note, then they put it all in an envelope to give to the captain and cruise director.  Did I hear anything from them? Nope.

5:15pm  drinkies. Glorious sunset – and I got it all on “film”.


After dinner I made a 5 min  slideshow.


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