Furiously raging

20050304 US Defense VisualIn Tomahawk cruise missile detonation over target San Clemente Island California 19860401

Why do the nations, so furiously rage together?

Ooops, 9 days since last post, sorry. Working non-stop on our reunion magazine, plus the name cards and certificates, the spreadsheet, the payments collection … on and on. Nearly finished now. The reunion is this Saturday Week, the 11th. I finally finished the magazine last night at 1230am. Add a bit, tiny change, test (15 mins each time to test), oops, do it again, over and over.

The final PDF file ended up at 468 pages and 586MB. The electronic “book” ended up at 285MB. I’ve burnt those to a Gold Master disc for delivery to DiscBank right now, but I’ve hit a snag.

I need intravenous antibiotic as my left shin is ulcerated. I’m waiting for the Silver Chain nurse but the 4hr wait has passed with no sign of them. I phoned, and they said he’ll phone me, but that was 40mins ago. I have to go. I absolutely need to deliver that master disc. Hmmm.


I had the Vivaxim combined Hep C vaccination for our trip this morning, and was surprised to find it cost $155 from the pharmacy. Can’t be helped. Likewise, the Chinese visa cost $158.50 and the Vietnamese visa cost $140. We have no choice, like it or don’t go.

Similarly, one of my other meds costs $125 per month and the Byetta costs $120 per month. This all adds up.


I succumbed and bought a tablet computer a few days ago, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5″ Wow! I can’t leave it alone. It may have to be surgically removed from my hands. All the ABC stuff! It’s all interesting, and it’s the stuff I listen to at 3am when I can’t sleep. I will have to resist taking this device to bed with me or I’ll never get to sleep.

The idea is to use it on the cruise trip. I hoped to leave my laptop at home, but I don’t think I can. It’ll have to be both.

To be continued.


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