The Slow Boat to China part 2, Saturday 25 October 2014.


Balls in the air.

Nothing happened. End.

No, we explored the ship to try to find our way around this multistory building, full of curving passageways and surprising doorways. It was also so we could find our way back to the cabin.

It was a lazy day of sleeping, sitting on the balcony watching the fishing boats go by, reading a bit, but being distracted all the time.

We found a lounge and restaurant area that served nice food, coffee and alcoholic drinks, so that was it for dinner. I was finally persuaded to buy a coffee card which gives 15 coffees for $29, so the cost is quite reasonable. I’m always wary of the catches in these card schemes. The food is already paid for, of course. (Now, after the cruise has ended, I only used 7 of the 15 coffees, so I ended up paying $4 each for them anyway. That’s the catch.)


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