This Boat Overnights to Busan, South Korea part 16


Busan greeting

Saturday 8 November 2014

I awoke to the sound of music – Jan was out on the balcony, we’d arrived and were just edging in to the wharf. The music was coming from a tourist stage set up on the wharf – loud reggae and Minnie the Moocher type music.

I’m not going ashore today. The ship leaves at 1330 and I don’t want a rushed tour with bonus queuing. Sick of it, especially the costs. My cabin account is mounting alarmingly, around US$1,000. Ouch.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVery smoky hazy cloudy morning. The sun shone through briefly but it’s gone now.

Busy container port. High speed hydrofoil ferry. Taking on stores from containers on trucks.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALoud music playing the whole time we were at the wharf. Annoying after a while and too loud. Saxophone player, solo with recorded backing. Korean orchestra. Ugh! Tuneless, discordant.

Pulled away at 2pm after more endless queues to reboard. Luckily I was watching from above.

Very smoggy hazy cloudy afternoon. Big rocky islands. Lots of navigation and warning lights everywhere. Ships cutting across our path. How are these high intensity white warning light platforms powered? Solar? Not enough sun, surely?

Watched Groundhog Day again. Or again, again? Or should I say “still”?. Good movie.


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