Another coincidence


XK Jag

I continue to be amazed at how words turn up. Yesterday I was talking to someone who used to work and live in China. We were talking about their heavy drinking and he mentioned their favourite drink called baijiu, like rice vodka.

From The Guardian this morning: “Sorghum from these [NSW] plains is in high demand in China. It’s used to produce a popular traditional white liquor called baijiu.”

I’ve never heard this word before, yet it turns up twice in two days.


I also learnt that if you want to change the colour of a car, there’s no need to get it repainted, just get it “wrapped”. It’s a PVC based film that’s applied over the original paint and as long as the paint’s in good condition, it’s as good as a respray. It’s mainly used for advertising and signwriting on cars, vans and buses but it’s also good for a full “paint” job, and cheaper.

But when I looked it up this morning, I found that it only lasts 3-5 years. If you leave it longer, it’s hard to get off and will pull the original paint with it. It also looks as if the range of colours is limited.

I’m interested because if I buy a Mercedes, I don’t want a silver one, which most of them are. I’d like to be able to change the colour. However, I don’t think this would be the way after all.

The person who told me this has a 4-5 year old second hand Jaguar XK in his garage. See above.


He has a serious auto-immune disease which means he’s a permanent semi-invalid and he’s decided to use his remaining time (he’s 54) and money to do what he wants. He wanted a dream car? He bought it. Yeaaaahhh.


This vile government continues its attack on Bill Shorten and unions, while completely ignoring that its own people and Liberal Party branch organisations have consorted with known Mafia criminals in Australia! They have accepted donations from these people and a former Immigration minister in the Howard government approved a visa for a known Mafia figure.

These Mafia tentacles even extend to Perth Liberal circles. What utter hypocrisy for Liberal/Conservative voters to be criticising the ALP.


A news report a few days ago reported the tragic deaths of some NZ children due to carbon monoxide poisoning from a car exhaust. I was struck by the names:  Pio Scarlet Jetejura Raukete;  Teuruaa Junior George;  and Telyzshaun Gordon Ricardo Nelder Kruz George.

Wow. It makes Charles Philip Arthur George (Windsor — Prince Charles) seem tame by comparison.


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