Hit by a truck

explosion_miniNo, not literally. But I feel as if I was hit by a succession of blows from lunchtime on.

  • I received an email from a “friend” which was a stupid American redneck “joke”, but with Bill Shorten’s name inserted in a highly derogatory way. I guess after all this time he still hasn’t realised that I’m a committed Labor person. I don’t think he’s up to the job of lecturing me about stupid. I was upset. I’ve drafted a reply, but … if I send it, relations will be strained. Damn. I’m upset. I’ve never sent anything comparable to him.
  • I went to MacDonalds for lunch (and left without buying because my favourite wrap is discontinued), and was very slowly easing out of the parking area onto the side street. One car went slowly past me and stopped, so I eased forward. The traffic slowly moved so I went forward at well below walking pace. Next thing – BLAAAARRRRRRRP! A woman driver on my right who had just arrived didn’t think I should be allowed out so she leant on her horn. I could see it was a woman. Bloody hell!!!
  • I went on to Hungry Jacks and turned into the parking lane in front of all the fast food shops. There was a big delivery truck parked in the lane blocking cars coming toward me. I was slowly easing past them but another woman driver (yes) in a 4WD decided she would pull out and come past the truck, leaving me with nowhere to go. I waited for her to reverse but she wasn’t going to, coming towards me on my side of the road, forcing me to reverse, which was difficult as there was a queue of cars behind me. I had no choice, she was going through and too bad about me. Bloody hell!!!

All these in quick succession left me feeling shell shocked. Bloody inconsiderate damned people.


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