OK, I think this is it

2006_mercedes-benz_clk500_used_3888150_15_lI think I’ve found muh car. That’s it above, a CLK550, 2006 model, and only 43,000Km. That’s remarkable. $38K.

2006_mercedes-benz_clk500_used_3888150_5_lStrangely, it’s advertised as a CLK500 (5.0L V8), whereas the badge clearly shows it to be a CLK550 (5.5L V8). Their specs listing also refers to a 5.0L engine. Very odd.

But it’s an Elegance model, which means wood grain in the dash and console, which I love. It’s not an AMG, but if it was, then you can’t have wood grain. Mercedes’ view is that if it’s an AMG performance model, then you must have aluminium/metal in the dash and console. Not my idea.

Also strange – I’m pretty sure this same car has been for sale at Young’s Holden yard in Vic Park for a couple of months. Now it’s moved to John Hughes, down the road. Why isn’t it selling? Why has it moved? Obviously I need to enquire, and ask my tame ex-used car/ex-John Hughes salesman to help me.


One of the attractions of buying a nice car like this would be to drive east and do a big road trip. (By the way, the fuel consumption of this big V8 is 13L/100Km city and 8L/100KM country, which is exactly the same as my 2001 Magna 3.5L V6. Sure, the cost of fuel is a factor, but I only need to fill up once a month in my present car, and this would be the same interval and the same cost, so I’m not losing anything.)

Back to – a driving trip – another factor for me in all my travel is that I need my CPAP to sleep at night. If I were to drive the Nullarbor, I would have to sleep at least one night out on the road, which would mean no power to run the CPAP. Problem.

Answer: I’ve just discovered there’s a new CPAP machine on the market specifically for travelling.

z1-tiny-battery-powered-travel-cpap-hdmusaIt runs off a battery. You can buy an add-on Lithium-Ion battery pack which gives a full 8 hours running. (I would hate to run my machine off the car’s battery, then wake in the middle of the Nullarbor or somewhere, only to find I’d flattened the car battery so that I couldn’t start the car. Urrrrrgh. No calling the RAC in the middle of nowhere, and no push starting the car either. Nightmare scenario.)

This also revitalises my ideas about international travel. Taking my ResMed machine with its humidifier has always been a problem. It;s bulky, it’s weighty, it takes a lot of space in my suitcase. A machine as small as that would revolutionise my travel

Price? US$575. This is from an American web site. Will they sell to me in Australia? I think so. (ResMed won’t! Even though ResMed is an Australian company, and the machines are made in Sydney, and they are half price in the USA, the US companies are not allowed to ship to Australia. We have to pay double here. Hmmmm.)

Anyway, no plans to buy yet, just food for thought.



Today, I have bought this:

Yamaha T-500

Yamaha T-500D tuner

It’s a hi-fi component DAB+/FM/AM tuner. DAB+ is digital radio, which I like, and to have AM available is good. $425 approx. from eBay. Aussie supplier, postage included in the price. At the moment I’m listening in my main living area on a portable receiver with a small low-fi speaker. I want this for my hi-fi system.


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