Bali day 6 – Friday 18 Dec 2015


Normal Karma will be resumed as soon as possible. (C) PJ Croft 2015

Another sleepless night! Not entirely sleepless, I guess, I do vaguely remember dreaming, but I felt awful when I got up at 0730. Had my first shower in this tiny, claustrophobic shower recess. No bath mat, slippery tiles, move very, very carefully. Not good. At least the bed’s comfortable, though not soft.

Then found I hadn’t asked for paid breakfast for the room. They want $7.50 for buffet, choice of Corn Flakes or Corn Flakes, watermelon or honeydew, brown or white bread. At least there’s cheese, but it must be local – it’s bland and tasteless. If I want bacon and eggs, that’s extra. I think I’ll walk out onto the street for my remaining brekkies. I’ll get better value, I reckon.


I went back to bed with another valerian and I feel better now at 1230. Rain! Beautiful rain. Heavy and steady for about an hour, I think. Nice and cool now. I love it. I think they need it here, too.


To make myself tired I watched the movie San Andreas at about 3am this morning (on the laptop, my bought DVDs). It’s another ‘camera in a cinema’ illegal copy. The quality is awful! A shadow comes across and repositions the camera at times.

But the movie is a joke anyway. It’s terrible! Badly acted, based on a love story and the search for the daughter among all the ruins of LA and San Francisco. No attempt whatever to show anything about the social and political effects of a massive 9.5 Richter earthquake that ruins California. It’s the equivalent of a cat-up-a-tree fire brigade story, all emotion and gooeyness. Don’t bother. The effects are done purely because they can, I reckon. Way overdone. It’ll go straight into the bin when I’ve finished it. If I finish it.


… baby that was years ago,
I left it all behind for my,
Cheap wine and a three day pass
Cheap wine and a three day pass
Come on, come on, come on

Cold Chisel

i went to Bali Mall Galeria this morning and bought a three day Kura Kura bus pass. $27 for unlimited travel today, tomorrow and Sunday. Trouble is I’m being taken up to Kintamani at 10am on Sunday, so that day will go to waste. I got this bus back to this street from the Galeria, so I’ve used it today. I’d better do some serious bus travelling tomorrow.

The ‘Cheap Wine’ is actually cheap spirits. In the Galeria, spirits are half Perth prices, I reckon. Average prices for whisky, gin, vodka, bourbon etc US$21 or A$27. I didn’t buy any – I’m not a big drinker any more, but it’s an eye opener.


Crumbs, there are two women sitting virtually outside my sliding doors to the pool and they are talking, talking, talking non stop! Bloody hell. There is just no break in the conversation. Loud. I hope they pack up soon.

Combined with pool noise, loud bangs periodically from somewhere out the back, a wailing, yowling cat (all night last night) and music from the bar/dining area and this hotel is noisy.


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