Bali day 9 – Monday 21 Dec 2015


0430 and I’ve been awake since 0245. I had a good sleep from 10pm, so it’s not too bad. I want to be awake for the sunrise, you see, and it’s got me alert so as not to miss the alarm.

I’ve just had a look outside and I can clearly see the lights of Trunyan and a very bright star to the SE. It’s not sparkling, so it must be a planet. (Tues – It’s Venus, you idiot.)  It’s very bright and clear, so the sky must be clear. Bagus!

But it’s 0430 and the trucks are roaring their way along the road just below my room on their way to the job. Noisy, in other words.

WTF?! Sitting here at the end of the bed with headphones on, I suddenly heard a commotion from the bathroom, like some animal running around. I carefully looked but can find nothing. A rat? From where? The noise came and went. Bloody ‘ell. I’ve got the door to the outside wide open and I can hear, intermittently, an insect flitting around. A big moth, I suspect.

I should add that you can’t lock the doors to the room. They don’t meet properly, so the mortise lock just can’t engage. The key is useless. Oh well, I hope no thief would want to come all the way down these steps to rob me.

0600 I’ve been outside standing behind the tripod waiting for the sun to rise and it’s all over. Not much of a show, I’m afraid. There’s too much cloud around and the air’s quite misty.

The mozzies are out too, swarming around although they don’t seem to bite me. That’s good.

0630 Now that the sun’s up, I’ve realised that it’s risen much further to the right (south) than I thought it would. My photos are not much use, in other words.

I’m afraid this location is hopeless. I can’t move around. Getting up those steps is too bloody hard, and that’s only the first set. To get up onto the road and then onto the main drag is impossible. Oh well.

Had a good shower, took a few more photos then hit the bed again at 0730 for one hour. Brekky brought to the room, thank goodness. Mixed fruit juice, two boiled eggs (I asked for poached, cooked in water, and they misunderstood), a nice big pancake but with honey and chocolate sauce drizzled over it.

So, to paraphrase Ogden Nash:
I eat my eggs with honey
I’ve done it all my life
It makes the eggs taste funny
But it satisfies the wife.

There aren’t many words that rhyme with life: wife; strife; knife … ?

I thought I had internet access for a little while; I was able to connect and load my blog, but when I try to upload my text, it just constantly drops out. I’ve tried again and again, but it seems hopeless.

1300 Aaaah, good sleep. I know I shouldn’t sleep in the daytime but it feels so good, and how can something that feels good be bad for you? Well, … don’t answer that.

The guy has sprayed Baygon on the curtains to try to control the flies.

The morning started out beautifully sunny but it clouded over and we had a heavy rainshower. Now the thunder’s rumbling. Plus the trucks are still roaring through the gears as they slog up and down the road just below. Roosters are crowing. Motorbikes are crackling. This is a noisy place.

Now that I’m connected to the internet, I can see that my posts have got mixed up. I’ll have to fix it later when I have a more reliable connection, sorry.

1600 I finally decided I had to “go up the mountain”, i.e. climb the steps, to arrange tomorrow’s transport. I asked Dina (Balinese name Putuh Made) to phone Yanick and arrange it. She was at pains to ask me not to say that her driver is Rp.300,000 vs Yanick’s Rp.400,000. Anyway, it all worked out. We didn’t even mention the price. It would have been crazy for him to drive 2hrs up here just to drop me at Ubud anyway, so he’s better off.

I had a good chat with Dina. She’s 23 and not yet married (Belum). I thought she was part of a family owned hotel, but no, she works for a boss as they all do, but they like him. We talked about food and they all eat the same, usually vegetables with rice. Well, that’s what she told me, but it must be more than that. Good diet, anyway.

I complained about the flies, how they are attacking my sore toe, and she said, Oh, it’s OK. Flies in Kuta are bad (i.e. unhealthy) but here, “No problem.” Oh yeah? No way.

So I’ve got their Baygon spray and I sprayed my feet. That fixed it. But just as I was finishing my beer, I found a fly in the dregs. Uuuuurrrrgh. Too late.

There are 18 steps between me and the dining table/bar. They’re going to bring my food down – sayur urab – steamed veges with grated coconut Rp.20,000, plus sate babi, pork sate, Rp.30,000. Plus I had two Bintang besar @ Rp.40,000 ea, plus French fries @ Rp.20,000. No lunch, you see. Too hard to go up those steps.

I admit I’ll be happy to leave tomorrow. It’s been nice here due to the friendly staff, but it’s no place for someone like me who can’t “climb mountains”.

 1800: Dina came to the room and asked me to pay. It had to be cash, no credit cards. The bill was Rp,1,570,000. I didn’t have that many rupiahs, so I asked to pay with US$ and A$. It took a while but we worked it out. I got Rp.40,000 change, or was it Rp.400,000? I can’t remember.

Dinner in the room was Sayur Urab, green veges with shredded coconut, and sate babi, pork satay. I find it a little difficult to say I’m eating babi. After the meal, cukup! I was full. I had a small Bintang poured but I couldn’t drink it – most went down the plughole.

And so to bed.


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