Bali – Tues 5 Jan 2016


Ah, a day off. Broken sleep last night so I’m ready for another nap.


I’ve been contacted on Facebook by a woman wanting to be friends, who sure looks as if she’s in WA but writes terrible English. She says she lives in Butler too.

I apologised for being suspicious and asked her to name a local place in Butler. She got it right, so a little chat ensued. But she immediately told me she’s got a boyfriend and she’s “going to him on Friday”. Well, woopy do. I have trouble relating to someone who is so careless with how she writes. I’ll probably pass on this one.


I’ve joined a Facebook group called Dogspotting, where people, dog lovers, post photos of dogs doing lovable or stupid/funny things. Unfortunately my dog pics are at home, but I’ve got a few I can post.


Left – December 2010                           Right – January 2016


I’m beginning to wonder about this hotel. There’s a copy of the Koran, or Qu’ran, in the wardrobe and they only serve ‘beef bacon’ in the restaurant. There’s a pointer to Mecca on the ceiling, not unusual in itself, and the room staff are all males. But they  sure serve alcohol in the bar. Mystery.


6:15pm: Back at the hotel after visit number 3 to the BIMC. My friendly taxi didn’t arrive again, so I had to get another one which made me 25 mins late arriving (4.25pm). Then an hour’s wait! Boring, but they were busy. Quite a few young guys with bandaged legs – motorbike injuries?

The wounds look better to me, less red, and I think my legs are generally less red as well. But the doctor (a different one each time, unfortunately) says it’s still ‘a little wet’, meaning still leaking fluid, not healed yet. So I have to go back tomorrow, and possibly Thursday, the day I leave.

At least the price is slowly reducing: only Rp.1,112,000 ($111.75) today. So far this has cost me $494 ! All because I got lax and didn’t pay attention to the skin care. That’ll teach me. I suppose it could have been much worse, a full infection.


I must compliment this hotel – they are very responsive and can’t seem to do enough for me. My wish is their command. I would definitely stay here again. That’s high praise from me.


The little birds are settling for the evening in the hanging vines outside my balcony, chirping away. It’s very nice. It’ll stop soon, complete quiet when it gets dark.