Good movies

Sunset beach G75a

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While I was in Bali I mentioned a movie I watched, Melancholia, directed by Lars von Trier. I ditched the disc, but by good luck SBS showed it on Sunday night, very late, so I’ve got a second chance.

And it’s worth a second look. I’ll watch it again. It’s hard to forget. It’s largely the music, of course, Tristan und Isolde by Richard Wagner. Music to stir the soul. With a sound track like that, I’d watch Tom and Jerry on screen.

By coincidence, the female star is Kirsten Dunst who starred in Fargo, that ultra violent guns and killings series, also on SBS. It features visitations by a flying saucer! That should give you some idea of how seriously to take it (Fargo, I mean). Bloody Americans – idiots.


On the plane back to Perth I started to watch The Second Best Marigold Hotel, the sequel to the Best Marigold …  I remember watching the first one and thinking: a vehicle for pensioned off old British movie stars in a sanitised view of India. It was OK, but not worth a second viewing.

Well, I couldn’t finish this new one on the plane but I found it better than the first, so I’ve bought the sequel (The Second Best … ). Bloody good. I like it much better than the first. It’s still the same old British actors in the same sanitised India, but somehow it works. It makes me want to jump on a plane and visit this incredibly colourful place that speaks English and drives on the left and is full of beautiful women. Hmmm.


But I fear my travelling days are over. I was out and about today and now I’m exhausted. My feet are hurting like hell, both from diabetic nerve pain and from pronation problems. My right hip has me crying out in agony when I get up at night. Pain all over. Bugger.

While I was writing this, I got a pain in the outer side of my left foot that was so severe I was gripping the desk and groaning in agony. It lasted about ten seconds but oooowww. This is diabetic nerve pain. Random.


Again today, I was very annoyed by the attitude of service people. I called in to my medical centre to check something, and I was the only customer at the counter. The two women just carried on their conversation, turned away, not looking at me, for a full minute before they deigned to turn and acknowledge me. Bloody hell! I can’t kick up a fuss, this is my regular place, but I was annoyed.