Kembali Perth


My book is for sale. Enquiries welcome.

Back in Perth. Gloom. Long, long day yesterday. Didn’t get home until about 12.30am and bed at 2.30am. Woken frequently by leg and foot cramps. Still tired now. Luckily I can just go back to bed. 🙂

The Garuda flight was crowded and cramped. I was placed next to a grossly fat woman and behind one of the fattest guys I’ve ever seen. He would have been 6 feet tall and I’d estimate 200Kg. Next to him was his grossly fat mother (I heard him calling her Mum). I felt the fat woman’s thighs seeping under the armrest and pressing on my leg all the time. She had a coiled serpent and dagger tattoo on her arm.

Ugh! UUUGGGHH! Ugly, UGLY Australian people on that plane. Why do people think it’s acceptable to travel in Bintang singlets too large for them so that we see all their body hair and armpits, and wearing cowboy hats?


Perth airport arrivals seems to have been brought up to a better standard at last (aerobridge), but … ! It’s a long walk to immigration and there’s a travellator, hurrah! But it was running in the wrong direction! What a joke.

This is a metaphor for the endless stuffups at Perth Airport, that never ending construction site, trying to fix things that should never have been done in the first place. The roads are still chaotic and totally confusing in the dark. I pity any tourists who try to drive away from the airport.

As well, the luggage carousel took nearly ten minutes to start moving. They apologised and said it was because the luggage had to be insect sprayed.

Then we joined one of the longest queues I’ve ever seen. Most of it is a hidden surprise as you come around the glass screen to find two or three more rows of this queue stretching before you. Luckily a Customs (sorry, Border Force soldier) was looking at our declarations and he just waved me through the green exit and I was away.

The wonderful Barry was there to pick me up at 11.30pm, and we were off. Jeez, I was tired. On the way to my place his alternator and battery warning lights came on. Uh oh. This is a Honda Accord. Unusual for a Honda to go faulty. Luckily we got to my place OK and the car started afterwards.

I made a stuffup with the house alarm and I couldn’t remember the code for a bit, so the alarm was blaring away for about three minutes. Sorry folks.


My next post won’t be so positive. I have even less reason to stay in this hole than I had in 2010.