Strange days


Uuuurrrrgh. I’ve just come through two days of sickness unlike anything I’ve had before.

The weirdest day was Friday. I’d been to the shops feeling OK and got home feeling tired, as I often do. Being the 38C day, I turned the aircon on and, unusually, included the bedroom in its cooling. I lay down with the fan on as well to cool down.

I awoke about 3.30pm, I think, although my memory is very hazy from here on. I got up but I couldn’t stop shivering, strong, violent shaking.

The last thing I remember from that day is waking about 11pm on the bed, feeling very weak and desperate for a pee. I staggered to the loo, seriously in danger of falling. This went on about every 90 mins or so, I think.

How did I get on the bed without remembering it? I hadn’t eaten, I hadn’t watched TV, I hadn’t taken my pills, I hadn’t used my insulin pens. Total memory loss.

Saturday, I slept intermittently until about 9am, got up and showered feeling reasonably OK, although very wobbly. I was able to go out to the chemist and buy some lunch, but I mostly couldn’t eat it. No appetite and it tasted bad.

I was so weak that I went back to bed with the fan on, but no aircon. I awoke again feeling shivery, though not as bad, but nauseated! Dry retching. Luckily I had some anti-nausea pills so I took one. It took an hour but it helped.

Today, Sunday: again, no dinner, no appetite, too much nausea. I slept from about 9pm, I think, until I awoke suddenly at 4.24am feeling good. I had my energy again, and I wasn’t unsteady. Went back to sleep intermittently, got up at 9am, but not feeling great. I feel feverish and I’m trembling a bit.

So what’s happening? Intermittent fever, shakes, extreme fatigue. Malaria? There were mozzies in the rooms in Bali. They tell me there’s no malaria there, but … we’ll see what happens today.

The good news is that I’ve lost 2.9Kg in these two days.


I was at the doctor’s on Friday to look at the ulcers and the good news is that they’ve completely healed. “Oh, Peter, you heal so quickly!” she said. I’ve always felt that despite all my complaints, I do seem to have a robust constitution. I never get the ‘flu and I almost never get a cold. Let’s hope this complaint fixes itself quickly.


So not much to write about in the past few days, sorry.